Indian IT has over 1 lakh American employees: Report

Indian IT has over 1 lakh American employees: Report
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According to a report, the top four Indian IT firms have over 55,000 American employees in the US and the number reflects the companies’ efforts to overcome visa barriers and become more global in their operations. Cognizant which is US-headquartered employs 46,400 people in North America. Moreover, IT industry body Nasscom’s data on American employees shows that TCS has 20,000 such employees, Infosys 14,000, HCL 13,400, and Wipro 10,000.

Indian IT has over 1 lakh American employees

As per a report by TOI, Indian IT firms are estimated to have paid an average compensation of $96,300 to its US employees in 2018 which is higher than the average wage of $94,800 that IT professionals get in the country.

In order to meet people’s requirements, the companies depend on subcontractors who supply staff but these expenses can be prohibitive. The expense rose by 40% to Rs 6,031 crore in 2018-19 compared to Rs 4,298 crore in the year before for Infosys. On the other hand, subcontracting expenses rose by 26% to Rs 11,330 crore for TCS in 2018-19.


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