What is bounce rate and how to improve bounce rate ( 7+ ways )

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( Improve bounce rate )

Do you know what is bounce rate ? and how to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion rate ? Well, if you don’t know about it then worry not this post will help you to learn, What is bounce rate and how to improve bounce rate to get maximum benefit for your site.

What is Bounce Rate ?

Bounce Rate is a metrics that represents the percentage of single-page views or single-page sessions. In simple words, Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your site ( i.e. entrance page ) and then leave without browsing any other pages of your site.

Bounce Rate Calculation :

Bounce rate is calculated using the equation,

Bounce Rate = Total number of visitors viewing one page only / Total Entries to page

Bounce Rate calculation in Google Analytics Example : 

If a page ( entry page) receives 2000 bounces and there are total 5000 entries then the bounce rate will be ;

Bounce rate = 2000/5000 x 100 = 40 % .

Every single web owner wants to convert a new visitor into a regular visitor and due to high bounce rate, the chances become less for any conversion, sales or leads.

One should really be worried about the high bounce rate and should take necessary action to reduce the bounce rate if it’s high for their pages.

If one of your page ( entry page ) with Low bounce rate means that the visitors are getting the information what they are looking for and this might be a reason why they want to view more and more pages of your site. High bounce rate is not good for any site because high bounce rate results in poor conversion rate. There can be “n” number of factors for high bounce rate.

A site should have good bounce rate. Good bounce rate means it should be less than 50% . Bounce rate varies from site to site, for example, if a site is selling digital products and it is costly then for such sites a high bounce rate of around 90% can be expected.

Let’s see most common causes of a high bounce rate :

Reasons for high Bounce Rate

1. Site Design

Site design plays an important role when it comes to performance. A site is likely to perform better if it has a nice design and it is user-friendly.

If your site’s design feels uncomfortable to visitors then they would probably leave.

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly because now it is a search engine ranking signal. If your site is still not mobile friendly then you should make it mobile friendly as soon as possible because most of the visitor use a mobile phone to browse a page.

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2. Content of the page

” Content is the king ” – old saying but it’s true.

The content that your page is offering is quite boring and dead. Nothing is making sense to visitors then why they would read your content ? They would just close that page.

SEO friendly content which is information rich and easy to read tend to have low bounce rate.

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3. Unexpected content

Unexpected content ? Hmmm !!!

Sometimes what we look from the outside isn’t that beautiful from the inside. This is a cruel and fake world fellas. The title says something else and the content something else.

The Title and description should be relevant to the content of the page. You should always send or target right visitors to your site. This is how you can earn trust.

Wrong selection of keyword, title and description results in high bounce rate and the site loses trust.

4. Too much advertisements and Pop-ups

Do you like distractions ? No, You don’t.

Ads are the only source of income for a site or blog owner, we all are free to put ads on our site. But that doesn’t means, we should flood it with ads. Visitors, they want information and they want it easily without any distraction.

Whether it’s pop up ads or newsletter subscription notifications, they are always annoying. Pop ups are one of the main reason for high bounce rate because they are just distraction for users as they affect readability sometimes.

5. Page Speed

Improve bounce rate

Visitor : Okay, I want to see what you have to offer ? You have 2-3 seconds.

Page : Wait ………………

( It took 10 seconds to load and the visitor wasn’t there )

I know that was a bad story that you will ever hear. But Visitors will leave your site if it is taking more than 5 seconds to load, not everyone but most of them. Page Speed is an important Search Engine ( Google ) ranking signal.

Now the final question that will add some value to this post, I guess.

Improving Bounce Rate ( 7+ ways to reduce bounce rate )

Improving bounce rate will surely help your site to get more visitors, conversions, leads or sales. Improving bounce rate requires a well-planned structure and custom changes on your site.

Here are some suggestions that will help you to improve Bounce Rate :

1. A better design – Consider Redesigning

A better design means a simple and nice design which is user-friendly, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate around. You should consider redesigning if your site has high bounce rate.

If your site is not user-friendly then nobody will like you even if you are providing great content

Quick Tip – Use Friendly Color Combinations for your Web Pages.

2. Generate unique and information rich content

Visitors, they come to your site just to read your content and if you are offering a great information then you are marching on the right path. This will surely play a vital in improving Bounce Rate.

Do not make it hard to read . Always right easy and full of explanation.

Lengthy articles ( 1500+ ) are of more value because they will answer more questions than a article written using 500 words.

Remember : Not everyone is a genius.

3. Use proper and right technique to optimize your work/page

Do not fool your visitors. Make use of white hat SEO techniques and use a relevant keyword, title and description for optimizing each post of your site.

This step will bring interested visitors to your site who will share your content with others and chances for conversion increases.

4. Improve Page Speed

Must !

Make your page fast i.e. it should not take more than 2 seconds to load the whole content. There are many ways to make your WordPress site faster.

“Page speed” plays an equal role like all other things in improving User Experience as well as it very important from the Search Engine’s aspect, since it is a ranking signal.


how to improve bounce rate

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5. Pop-ups & Ad Placement

Pop-ups are always annoying. Most of the time they disrupt UX. You should definately avoid pop-ups. Change ad positions and make sure they are not ruining the user experience.

Use responsive ads and do not place more than 3 ad units on a single page. This is my personal suggestion because I believe more ad means more distraction and I do not want to distrupt user experience.

6. Internal linking is the key

Sometimes visitors bounce because you do not include any other post written on your site which may help them to understand your topic completely. This is a bad habit.

Always treat your visitors as guests and help them to solve their problems and doubts thoroughly. Internal linking is one of the best practice to improve bounce rate. This will help to improve visitor’s average time spent on your site and search engine ranking.

Wikipedia is a great example of internal linking.

For example ;

You have written post “Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported in MX Player “. It would be a great idea to link a post which is related to MX Player like ” How to add subtitles to a video in mx player “. 

7. Related Posts

Once we like any article we definitely want to read more similar articles. This is why you should show related posts in every article. If your visitors liked one of your article then they will love to read related articles. Yeah, this will also increase time spent by a visitor on your site.

There are many free WordPress plugins that allow you to show related posts with thumbnail view. It is not too hard to enable this feature on your WordPress site.

8. Readability

Readability can be one of the reason for high bounce rate. Improve readabilty and make sure it is easy to read whatever you have written in your article.  Use headings and bullets to highlight main points.

Readabilty should be good.

  • Use transition words.
  • Do not write long paragraphs.
  • Write short sentences.

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That’s all. I hope this post will help you to improve bounce rate for your site because it has helped me to improve mine. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments. If you have any suggestion then please do suggest in comments, I would love to hear a word from you all.

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Improve bounce rate

Last updated: August 15, 2016

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Satyansh Tiwari is the co-founder of 3nions and currently an Electrical Engineering Student. He is a blogger, writer, graphic designer and SEO enthusiast. When he is free, he loves experiencing nature and traveling.


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