Importance of cardio

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Importance of CardioHello guys i am back today with an another interesting topic.and the topic for the day is Importance of cardio .
A cardio is any activity which helps to train the heart by increasing the heart rate which ultimately helps to develop good cardio respiratory  endurance .

Now lets see what happens during a cardio activity? 
Suppose if a person is jogging hence based upon his intensity the the load gets on the heart as it has to provide oxygenated blood throughout the body while performing this activity which results in increase of heart rate and finally improves the respiratory system .but cardio helps in improving only the respiratory system as the muscular system in not engaged in this activity.

Importance of cardio : 

Cardio is a very crucial part of your workout along with weight training one must also do cardio thrice a week.this will help in increasing the stamina as well as decrease the fatigue level which overall increases the performance of an individual in every aspect especially weight training. Cardio also helps to reduce risk of hear attack as well as cardiac arrest.a person can do treadmill on the first day then swimming on the third day and then any other cardio activity on the sixth day .

Intensity cardio is an aerobic activity conducted for a long period of time in which there can be low intensity as well as high intensity.but as a beginner you should start with a low intensity and then slowly and gradually you should increase the intensity by increasing the speed elevation and the distance covered in a specific time limit.hence we can conclude that for a good cardio vascular endurance intensity of an individual also plays an important role. Who should do cardio?from the above information we are clear that cardio is a very important fitness component and hence it should be done by each and every type of population and in case of any heart problems a person should first recommend his/her cardio is a very effective way of training heart  hence the fatigue failure also comes late by practising more and more which finally  improves the overall performance.

Advantagesas spoke above that cardio helps to train the hear and improves the overall cardio vascular endurance which then minimises the load  on the heart while performing day to day activities which then minimises the risk of heart attack and also cholesterol can also be controlled.

Disadvantages actually speaking cardio training does not have any disadvantage at all but for the people with heart problems should first recommend their doctor other wise it only helps to keep you fresh and active

Myths : 
Most of the people have many misconception over cardio training .one of the common myth is that cardio helps in fat loss. To a certain extent this concept is true but for maximum fat loss or you can say inch loss weight training with high intensity is a must to do. Cardio can only help in weight loss but not fat loss provided with proper nutrition.

So here it is some brief information on cardio with its advantages and disadvantages hope your basic concept on cardio is cleared and if you have any further doubts or queries related to cardio or fitness kindly let me know in the comments.
Will see you next time again with an interesting topic.  Signing off.

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Importance of cardio 


Last updated: February 14, 2016

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