How you can become a full-time affiliate ?

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How you can become a full-time affiliate

How you can become a full-time affiliate

The word affiliate has often got a dirty overtone to it, with unsolicited emails and the ‘anything to win’ mentality often clouding peoples’ judgements as to what an affiliate actually is – but the true reality is that some affiliates out there are earning millions just by referring users to what they want to get to – consider the likes of Expedia and Quidco which receive 10,000’s visitors daily!

While some of you may be dismissive as to the vast difference between the leading sites and some of the smaller players in the game, remember that earning a decent income stream isn’t always about volume, but about the bounty paid per referral – with sites like IG, a leading spread betting broker, offering their affiliates up to $900 per new trader! So how do you jump aboard the referrer bandwagon and start earning a decent cash reward for yourself? Visit this site for detail scoop on online trading and for now Just follow our easy steps below:

Work and earn when you want.

How you can become a full-time affiliate

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1.  Getting a website

You don’t have to own a website to become an affiliate but if you want one – grab a bargain. With hundreds of bonus codes available online for leading Registrar’s like GoDaddy and 1&1, it can cost as little as $.99 to secure a domain and you can grab a free theme from WordPress to start so there are no hidden costs to worry about.

2.  No website, No problem

If you do want to avoid the website route, social media can be a hidden treasure trove of money to be made. With leading Twitter, Instagram and Youtube stars earning in excess of $1m a year, and others charging over $25k for a simple Tweet, find yourself a competitive niche and start vlogging and tweeting to get earning.

3.  Plenty of fish in the sea

Google AdSense may be the name on everyone’s lips, but there are plenty of private affiliate clubs and super-affiliate sites out there that can prove just as lucrative. Remember that you can shop around for the highest paying program just as you would for your weekly shop, and there can be huge discrepancies in their offers so it’s certainly worthwhile.

4. CPA/CPV vs Rev Share

While most of you will be more familiar with the Cost per Acquisition or View route courtesy of the major players like Youtube or the Amazon/eBay partner programs, there are plenty of positive attributes should you turn to Rev Share. Rather than earning a single fixed point of income, you can extend your earnings over the lifetime of your referrals and generally increase your overall return.

5.  Find your Niche

There are millions of websites out there looking to profit from affiliation, but the highest levels of conversions will happen where the user is properly engaged. Finding your passion point or a niche subject will help target your content to the right audience and should increase your earnings in the long run.

So if you’re ready to start on the path to affiliate superstardom, just choose your platform and preferred affiliate network partners and you’re good to go. For more insight on how to increase your earning potential or growing your affiliate viewing reach – keep up to date with our blog and we look forwards to hearing about all of your winning stories.

This is a guest Post by Ryan Seymour.

Last updated: October 1, 2016

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