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We all are aware of the word “Title” because every article, chapter, document, etc has a title. Title tags are an important Search engine ranking signal. When I started journey I hated Search Engine but as soon as I learned about the SEO, I started respecting Search Engine and their guidelines. You have to follow the right path, be consistent and respect Search Engine rules you can easily get high ranking in Search result but you should have a great and unique content.  How to write attractive title tags for SEO

What is a title tag ?

The <title> tag is a meta HTML title element which tells Search Engines and readers about your page or online document.

Code example :

Importance of Title tags for SEO

How to write attractive title tags for SEO

When you search for a query using google’s search box you get some results matching your need. There are “n” number of results belonging to different – different domain names. Every website has given it’s own snippet which includes title tag, meta description and link of a website. Example :

Screenshot (59)

As we can see the title tag’s text size is more as compared to description detail and link. Title tag is most highlighted part of Snippet. Other than this Title tag is one of the most valuable on-page SEO factor.

The page title should be between the 35 character minimum and the recommended 65 character maximum. If the Title tag exceeds the maximum limit which is 65character, rest of the parts will not be visible to users in the search result. Title tag appears in different places like :

1. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) :

When you search for something on Google or any other search engine you get relevant results for your keyword. In the result you see Title tag in Blue color which is bigger in size. Placing keyword in Title gives higher click through rate as well as increases ranking in search result.

Screenshot (60)

2. Browser :

Title tag appears at the top of browser.


3. Social Networks :

When you share a link of a page social network show the link preview in their respective format. For example – I shared a link on my Facebook page  :-

How to write attractive title tags for SEO

Similarly Every social network has its own way of showing a link and the Social Media is very powerful platform for any business promotion.

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How to write attractive title tags for SEO

Post title is very important that is why it should be attractive and at the time of writing the post titles you should adapt great strategy which will benefit you to achieve high ranking in Search result. Writing SEO friendly and user friendly Title is a key to success.

Here i would like to give a short list of the little things which you have to keep in your mind while optimizing the titles :

  • Length of Title : Length of Title should be between 35 to maximum 65 characters.
  • Do not forget to place keyword : Include your keyword in the title. I suggest you start your title with keyword if possible because many research have found that the keyword in the starting of title has more value.
  • Keyword Separation : This depends on you, how you want to separate your keywords ? I use ” -”  or “: ” to separate. But (-) Hyphen looks good.
  • Format : Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Site name . This format is used by almost everyone so you too should go with this format. 
  • Do not write duplicate Title Tags : Titles should be unique i.e. different for every post.
  • Relevancy is Compulsory : Titles should be relevant to your content .
  • Show your best : If you are good in English this is your chance to attract readers. Write precise and good title.

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How to write attractive title tags for SEO




Last updated: April 15, 2016

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Satyansh Tiwari is the co-founder of 3nions and currently an Electrical Engineering Student. He is a blogger, writer, graphic designer and SEO enthusiast. When he is free, he loves experiencing nature and traveling.


Hi Satyansh,

This is my first visit to your blog. I have been hearing a lot about optimizing the title tag to get users attraction. Effective title tags seem to be vital but sometimes it becomes very difficult to write 70 characters title that is compelling as well as that includes all your targeted keywords

I don’t think 70 character is a good option. Keep your title below 65 and above 50 that will enough to cover all the targeted keywords.
Thanks for your visit.
Don’t target too many keywords, longtail keywords are more effective you should try that.

Nice Share SATYANSH,
I really like and appreciate your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

Thanks much Raghav. Keep visiting.

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