How to Use Cameos on Snapchat and How to Create a Cameo

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Have you tried using cameos on snapchat yet? Do you know how to use cameos on Snapchat? If not, then you are missing something really riveting. Snapchat at the end of 2019 launched a new feature called ‘Cameos’ that allows its users to make their own short, looping videos. It is basically a feature that allows you to convey a quick video reaction to your Snapchat friends.

How to Use Cameos on Snapchat

Creating a cameo is very easy as all you have to do is take a selfie and your face will be automatically added to funny clips. So start creating one and enjoy having fun with Snapchat cameos. However, you need to install the latest version of Snapchat on iOS or Android to use them. 

Read ahead to know how to use cameos on snapchat. 

Steps to Create Your Cameo

  • Open a chat with one of your friends once you launch Snapchat
  • Click on the face icon in the message window and you’ll come across the Cameos logo while scrolling down.
  • Tap on the Cameos logo and you’ll see the Cameos Selfie page. Take a selfie (Snapchat will ask you to try and not smile) and save it.
  • Once you have saved your Cameos selfie, you can now send it to your friends and other Snapchat contacts. 

How to use cameos on Snapchat

  • Open a chat with one of your contacts, tap on the Smiley face present next to the chat bar.
  • Click on the Cameo icon and select a Cameo tile from the options. 
  • Tap on the ‘Send’ to send it to your friend. You can even preview it before sending it by clicking on ‘More’> ‘View Fullscreen.’


How do you use cameos on Snapchat Android?

Open a chat > hit the Cameos button> take a selfie> select the scene you’d like to appear in.    

How do you get the new cameo on Snapchat?

Open a chat > Tap the Cameo icon(the smiley icon) > Choose a Cameo pattern at the bottom of your screen > Tap on More at the bottom-left corner of your screen > Select the New Selfie option > Tap the camera icon when you are ready.

What is a cameo selfie on Snapchat?

Cameos is a new feature launched by Snapchat that uses artificial intelligence and enables you to post your face onto someone else’s body. 


I am sure that now with the help of the aforementioned guide, you’ll be able to change your selfies into funny videos as they are really fun to use especially when you share them with your besties. So make a cameo yourself on Snapchat and let us know in the comment section on how much did you enjoy creating your first cameo. All in all they are definitely worth trying.


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