How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer

How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer

We never miss a chance to capture and record something that we wish to add to our memories. What if you are about to record an interesting act and your device shows up that you’re running out of storage.

Well, to ignore a situation like this, it’s better to have a backup. When maintaining backups, it’s always recommended to transfer photos/videos from iPhone to your computer/Mac. You can easily do so. Read along to find how. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing different methods to transfer video from iPhone to computer.

Transfer iPhone Videos to PC with MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMover allows you to transfer videos from iPhone to PC running Windows 10/8.1/8/7. All you have to do is download and install EaseUS MobiMover on your PC, follow the steps down below and you’re good to go. However, you will have to install iTunes on your computer for it to recognize your iPhone.

How to Transfer Video from iPhone to Computer

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC and click ‘Trust’ in the pop-up on your iPhone 
  • Launch EaseUS MobiMover
  • Then click “Content Management” > “Videos” > “Movies/TV/Music Video”.
  • Go to “More” > “Setting” and choose a location if you want to set a custom path or else they’ll be stored on your desktop by default.
  • Now select the videos you want to copy and choose ‘Transfer to PC’. The selected videos will be transferred instantly. 

Transfer video from iPhone to PC Using AutoPlay

  • AutoPlay will show up automatically once you connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • In the AutoPlay window, click on the Import pictures and videos.
  • Then choose or create a folder to save the videos you want to transfer.
  • Select the videos you want to import. 
  • Now click Import to transfer videos from your iPhone to computer.

Import iPhone Videos to PC with Photos App 

  • Connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable.
  • Unlock your iPhone 
  • Tap on Trust on your iPhone.
  • Run Photos app 
  • Under the Import option select ‘From a USB device’.
  • Now it will start searching for videos and photos on your iPhone.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to transfer
  • Then click ‘Import Selected’.

Import Videos from iPhone to PC (Windows 7) with File Explorer 

  • Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.
  • Open This PC and find your iPhone.
  • Right-click your device name and then choose Import pictures and videos.
  • Choose Review, organize, and group items to import or Import all new items now.
  • Tap on Next to continue.
  • Select the videos you want to transfer.
  • Click Import to begin.

How to Get Videos from iPhone to Computer Using iCloud

  • Set up iCloud on both your iOS device and computer. 
  • Sign in with the same iCloud account.
  • Connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps to turn on iCloud Photos on your devices:

For PC:

Download iCloud for Windows on your PC

Then follow the steps to set up iCloud Photos on your PC 

Tap Done, and then click Apply. 

Then go to This PC> iCloud Photos > Downloads to access all the new photos from videos from your iPhone.

For iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos

Then turn on iCloud Photos.


Can I AirDrop from iPhone to PC?

AirDrop only works on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Therefore, you cannot AirDrop from iPhone to PC.

What is the easiest way to transfer videos from iPhone to computer?

Using AutoPlay to transfer videos from iPhone to computer is very easy. 


So this was our guide on how to transfer videos from iPhone to computer. All of the above-mentioned ways work smoothly but if you’re looking for an easy alternative, then transferring videos from iPhone to PC using AutoPlay would be the best option. 

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