How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac

Transferring photos from one android device to another is quite easy but when it comes to moving them from Android to computer or Mac, it’s not as easy as it may seem. So do you also want to free up space on your smartphone by transferring some important files to your computer or Mac for backup but at the same time are wondering how to transfer photos from Android to Mac? Well, we can help you with that. 

There are various alternatives available that can help you with the transferring process, for instance, installing apps or software can make this troublesome task appear straightforward. Also, not only photos but you can even transfer movies, podcasts, contacts, and other media files by following the below mentioned ways.  

Down below, we’ve discussed different such ways that will help you to transfer data from Android to Mac with ease. Let’s find out how they work. 

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac using the AirDroid app

The AirDroid app is the best alternative to transfer files from Android to Mac. It allows you to navigate your phone, download files, send text messages, and receive notifications right from your Mac’s browser. You can even make phone calls directly from your Mac if you upgrade to a premium account.

How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac

All you need to do is, 

  • Install the AirDroid app on your smartphone
  • Go to your MacBook and visit
  • Create an account
  • Sign in using your email, Facebook/Google/Twitter account, or QR code and you’re good to go. 

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac with dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

With dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android), you can easily transfer photos from your Android device to Mac or vice versa. It allows you to transfer hundreds of photos from Android to Mac in just one click.

How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac

Steps to Transfer photos with dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) are as follows: 

  • Install dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) and connect your Android phone to Mac with a USB cable
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Click “Transfer Device Photos to Mac”. 
  • Select all the photos by pressing Command + A or select a portion of photos by clicking on them in the pop-up window.
  • Now click on the Export button near the Add button, and choose Export to Mac 
  • Then Browse your Mac to choose a folder for saving these photos. 

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac with Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer allows you to transfer files between your Android devices and Mac with ease. It works on Mac computers with Mac OS X 10.5 or later and connects to your Android phone using a USB cable. 

How to Transfer Photos From Android to Mac

Follow these steps to transfer photos with Android File Transfer:

  • Install Android File Transfer to your Mac
  • Connect the Android device to the Mac with a USB cable.
  • Launch Android File Transfer and wait for it to recognize the device
  • Look for photos either in the “DCIM” folder or the “Pictures” folder. 
  • You can preview photos before using the drag & drop function.

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac with Image Capture

You can use Image Capture to transfer photos from any Android device to a Mac. The best part about it is that it enables you to preview the photos in thumbnail view before you start transferring photos.

To use Image Capture, follow the steps below:

  • Install the Image Capture application on your Mac 
  • Use a USB cable to connect the Android device to the Mac
  • Launch Image Capture from the Applications folder 
  • Then select your device under the “Devices” on the left side of the app. 
  • Select the photos that you want to transfer and then click on “Import”. If you want to transfer all of them then click “Import All”. 
  • Now, you will be prompted to choose where you want to save them on the Mac.

All the imported photos will be marked with green checkmarks.

Transfer Photos From Android to Mac with Google Photos

Transferring photos with Google Photos is quite easy and allows you direct access to the photos saved on the app on your Mac.

Follow the steps down below to set it up:

  • Install Google Photos Uploader on your Mac.
  • Install the Google Drive sync app and it will automatically sync Google Drive on your computer.
  • Access Google Drive from a browser. 
  • Then select the Google Photos option.
  • Now, go to Google Photos settings pane on Google Drive. While doing so, make sure that you’ve enabled the ‘Create Google Photos folder’ option.
  • Go to your Mac’s Google Drive settings to start syncing. Also, make sure the Google Photos folder in your Google Drive is selected.

This setup will directly save your photos in Google Drive and therefore you may want to use Google Photos unlimited storage and store your photos entirely over there. 


How do I get my Mac to recognize my Android phone?

  • Press the ‘Menu’ button on your Android device and tap ‘Settings.’
  • Tap ‘Applications,’ then ‘Development.’
  • Click on ‘USB Debugging.’
  • Then connect your Android device to your Mac with the USB cable.

How do I transfer photos from Samsung to Mac?

  • Tap Connected as a media device and then Camera (PTP)
  • Open Android File Transfer on your Mac
  • Open the DCIM folder and then the Camera folder.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to transfer.
  • Drag the files into the desired folder on your Mac.


So this was our guide on how you can transfer photos from android to Mac. All of the above-mentioned ways work great when in use. However, transferring photos using the AirDroid app is indeed best as all it asks for is to visit its website and sign in for an account to get access to all of your phone’s data and transfer photos to Mac within a matter of time. 


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