How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

Microsoft is known for its unique software approach and the feedback that follows. They always thrive to improve their apps using consumer feedback and a few enhancements of their own. But to people’s dismay, years ago Microsoft killed its Outlook Calendar sync, so people who want to sync their Outlook accounts with other services like Google Calendar, they won’t be able to. But hey, fret not! There’s always a workaround for re-achieve such features. These solutions aren’t exactly easy but it will get the work done.

Before we lead you into the methods, make sure whether or not you want to stick with both the options. If you are already using both the services, you might be aware of how different they both are. Subscribing to different e-mail clients is differing but using two calendar services that are poles apart from each other is arduous.

If you are using an iPhone or an Android device, you are able to use these two services beside one another, meaning that while adding an event, your phone is smart enough to ask you to choose the default calendar you want to choose. This is not what synchronization means, though. You’ll simply be seeing two different calendars side-by-side.

Microsoft and Google, both support multiple calendars, which offers you single/combined views that can be categorized as private and or work. Keep in mind though, it depends on whether you are using a PC or a smartphone to view the calendars. Using Outlook on your PC should be thing of the past as the online version supports multiple calendars. If you are absolutely convinced to use two or more calendars for whatever might be the reasons, dive into this tutorial for a step-by-step guide to learn how to sync Outlook Calendar with Google.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

The process you’ll have to follow is a bit tedious so don’t miss a single step. We’ll also be heavily relying on some third-party software for the ease of use.


A subtle yet effective way to use both the calendars simultaneously. This is the simplest way wherein you’ll have to make an appointment appear in both the accounts by entering your Gmail address while creating a new event. So when you are creating a new event in your Google Calendar, you’ll have to invite yourself by typing your Outlook e-mail address.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

Outlook has a different approach for it though. It adds Google’s invitation as an unconfirmed event which you can let it be or accept it in the email for a confirmation. This can be tweaked by changing a few settings in your Google account.

Go to your Google Calendar and click on the Settings button (which looks like a gear).

Sync 08

Go to the General tab and select Event settings.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

You’ll see an option called Automatically add invitations to your calendar.

Sync 10

You’ll see three options.

Sync 12

Click on Yes.

Sync 11

Now you will receive all the event invitations from

Third Party Apps

Apart from the import-export options, there’s no built-in way to sync Outlook with Google Calendar. So, here comes the chivalry in the form of the third party apps to save the day.

1. Microsoft Flow

A cloud-based service, Microsoft Flow lets you create workflows which are automated and can connect two or more applications for syncing purposes. Some built-in templates can help you synchronize and or merge the events of all the calendar on all platforms.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

Create at least two workflows using the Microsoft Flow templates to set a calendar for synchronization. Whatever changes you make in Google Calendar to Outlook calendar or vice versa will be reflected in the events across.

2. CalendarSyncPlus

This free software easily syncs Outlook calendar entries to Google Calendar and vice versa. It syncs minute details like reminders, details of the event, etc. You can even set the time of frequency to daily, weekly or interval. The cherry on the cake is setting colors to the events and outlook categories. Manual and automatic synchronization is supported.

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3. Gsuite Sync for Microsoft Outlook Calendar

With Gsuite Sync for Microsoft Outlook Calendar, you can use the Microsoft Outlook with G suite tool which includes Google apps like Drive, Calendar, Docs, Gmails, etc. It can sync the calendar events, reminders, locations from Outlook to Google. The app allows Google two-step authentication, Single SIgn-In, a real-time collaboration that allows you to share the calendar from Google with Outlook.

Sync 06

4. Sync2

Sync2 is an intuitive software by 4Team which costs $39.95 (₹2,780) and can be used on a trial basis for a week. This app effortlessly syncs Outlook calendar with Google Calendar, provided you are online. Sync2 lets you sync multiple accounts and tweak a few settings your way, like one-way or two-way syncing, choose when to run the sync. There are two versions and it depends on you or your business which type you want to opt for. There’s Basic Sync2 and Sync2 Cloud. The former lets you sync Outlook Folders, Google Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks, while the latter syncs Outlook with Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud, and Google. To which version is better, you can download both the software and choose your sweet spot.

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google

We are already half-way in 2019 yet some not-so-hard process takes longer than needed. Unless and until Google or Microsoft fixes syncing issues with an uncertain update, we hope the outlined method and apps help you sync your Microsoft Outlook with Google Calendar.

What do you think of the apps? Did it help you at all or did we miss any significant software? Tell us your opinions in the comments below.


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