How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with over 60% of the global web browser market share, according to StatCounter.

Chrome is also one of the most secure browsers because of its strict policies and secure browsing feature which sometimes blocks our downloads as it considers it to be malicious and insecure.

Turning off these security features is definitely not a brilliant idea while it protects your computer from malware and viruses.

But it can be vexatious at times when you know it’s from a trusted source. In such situations, it can be extremely helpful if you know how to stop chrome from blocking downloads.

So let’s just learn how to unblock downloads in chrome.

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

Google Chrome’s safe browsing feature blocks download from phishing or malware sites in order to protect your computer from any security threats.

So if you disable this feature, you can stop chrome from blocking downloads. But when you do that, you are exposed to many malicious threats.

We recommend you to re-enable the safe browsing once you are done with downloading.

STEP 1: Launch Chrome and go to Settings

Launch Chrome and go to settings by clicking on the three-dotted icon located at the top-right corner or else simply copy chrome://settings/ and paste it on the address bar.

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

STEP 2: Go to Privacy and Security and disable Safe Browsing

Under settings, scroll down to find Privacy and security. If you click on More, you will see Safe browsing option. Move the slider to the left to turn off Safe Browsing.

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

If you are still using an older version of chrome then you can scroll down to the bottom of the settings panel to find advanced. After you click on advanced, you will be able to access privacy and security settings.

Simply disable it by moving the slider to the left.

Once safe browsing is disabled, Chrome won’t block any downloads. Now you can freely download anything you want to but do remember this, from now, chrome will no longer protect your device from vulnerable and malicious sites.

To block dangerous and malicious sites, if you have downloaded the required files, you can always turn on Safe Browsing by following the above same steps. But this time, instead of moving the slider to left, move it to right, to enable or activate the Safe Browsing.

How to Enable or Disable Multiple File Downloads in Chrome

But there are file conversion sites where it can actually be convenient to download multiple files altogether. You can also enable automatic downloads and also block for specific sites.

How to Block/Allow Automatic Downloads in Chrome

STEP 1: Open Chrome, go to settings, and then to Privacy and security.

STEP 2: Under the Privacy and Security tab, click on Site Settings and then go to Automatic downloads. You can copy-paste chrome://settings/content/automaticDownloads in the address bar to quickly reach this step.

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

STEP 3: Here you have several options, you can turn on and off “Ask when a site tries…”. Keep it on as it is the recommended setting and of course, you don’t want any site to randomly download anything without asking for your permission. Right?

How to Stop Chrome from Blocking Downloads

Now the next option is Block. Here you can add different sites that you want to block Automatic downloads for. Once you blacklist a site chrome will block that site from automatically downloading multiple files.

The last option says Allow. Here you can add those sites for which you want to enable automatic downloads. Once you allow a site, Chrome will no longer ask you for permission when that site attempts to download files automatically.

This is how can control the Automatic downloads for specific sites.

Always make sure that you are allowing automatic downloads for those sites who are known to you and they don’t promote malicious and infected files.

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