How to Screenshot Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing

Instagram has proved to be one of the top social media platforms ever to have existed. The app is fun, quirky, and has tonnes of features. But it is also notorious to be “influenced” by other social media apps, such as Snapchat. Facebook-owned Instagram recently introduced a feature that alerts you if someone takes a screenshot of your Stories.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone you follow and are taking a screenshot of their Stories comes to know about it? It might be a crush you’ve been crushing on or a nemesis who’s doing really well. Well, it’s the same hell as WhatsApp’s read receipts and last scene. So, what if you really wanna screen-grab someone’s Story, we have listed a few ways. Scroll below to know how to screenshot Instagram Stories without them knowing.

How to screenshot Instagram Stories without them knowing

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing

I have listed 5 methods that will help you avoid detection if you are taking a screengrab from someone’s story.

Method 1: Airplane/Flight Mode

Yes, flight mode is your phone’s best friend. While Snapchat has banned this method, Instagram, fortunately, hasn’t still detected it. Launch the Instagram app and wait till the Story loads. Now, turn on the Airplane mode. As you know, doing so will effectively turn off your Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth and all wireless devices will be disconnected. If you use an iPhone, go to the Control Center.  Now, head back to the Instagram app, tap on the Story that you want, and take a screenshot. Wait for a while and then disable Flight mode.

Method 2: Third-Party Apps

Android: Story Saver for Instagram

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing
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Story Saver App — Stories & Highlights Downloader is the best application that allows you to download Instagram Stories. The best part is that this all happens automatically once you log in.

Open the app and log in. Story Saver App will show you the Instagram Stories feed in the form of a list. Click on a user and you’ll see a grid of their stories. Tap on a thumbnail and you’ll be greeted with three options: Repost, Save and Share. Just click on Save and the image/video will be saved into your gallery.

iOS: Regrammer

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing
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Regrammer can be found on the App Store for free. Download the app, launch it and look for the user you want to see Instagram Stories of, tap on the specific story you want to look at, and then take a screenshot, or better yet, save a copy of the story to your iPhone.

Method 3: Web-based Instagram

Instagram’s fully functional website can be accessed on your smartphones as well. Even though you can’t send a DM, you can view the feed, post photos and view Instagram Stories. And yes, you can easily take a screenshot of Instagram Stories without being caught.

Log on to and then log into your Instagram account. Click on the Instagram Stories located in the right corner of the screen. Tap on the Stories you want to take a screengrab of.

Method 4: Chrome IG Story Browser Extension

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing

Chrome extensions are super famous and they actually help. So I tinkered around the Web Store and found App for Instagram™ (Support DM). This extension is a beefed-up version of the Instagram app that replicates the Instagram Story experience as if it were an app. This extension also allows direct messages on the web.

Method 5: Camera

How to screenshot Instagram stories without them knowing

Of course, this is an utterly simple option. If you are in a real hurry, just open your camera and click a photo of someone’s Stories. The photo quality won’t be great but it will save you some time and the person won’t be notified that you took a photo of his/her Story.


These were some ways through which you can hide that you took a screenshot of someone’s Instagram Stories. You can try all the methods listed above. You can easily bypass this rule and no one will know that you took some screengrabs. Now, make sure you follow your moral compass. By that I mean don’t use these methods for some evil scheme, or to be a stalker/creep.

There might be more methods but the ones listed above are simple, free, and anyone can do it. Did we miss any method that you know about? Is this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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