How to Save Private Videos To Gallery

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Note – The steps mentioned in this article is of the latest update. Also, App Has Been Rebranded As Tik Tok. is a video social networking app where users create short lip-syncing and dancing videos to popular tunes. Be it comedy, acting, tutorials or any other genre, people can get as creative as they want. And thanks to the new update of for bringing tons of different effects and filters which makes your video more eye-catchy and appealing.

But talking about the new update it has made the life of musers much difficult in terms of saving a video private. As earlier, it was far easy and convenient to just set a video private and save them locally. But now the video gets in the draft and doesn’t appear in your gallery making it more difficult to share them. Because honestly not every work is a masterpiece and you simply first need to save them in private before launching it to the public. As a true muser knows behind any creative musically is a good number of attempts.

Well, every problem comes with a solution and although the process of saving a video private is not like before. But this update brings so many cool features, so it is a win-win situation.

Save Private Videos To Gallery

Following are the step-by-step instructions to save private videos to gallery:

  1. Make a video and click on the tick mark in the right-hand side corner.
  2. Add effects, filters as per your preference.
  3. Then click on Next.
  4. Write a caption, add hashtags or simply add a friend.
  5. Click on “Who can see my video” and you will get two options.
  6. Select the private option and post it.
  7. After posting the video in private simply click on it and save it in your gallery.

And if you wish to post that private video on simply click on “Set video to public” and just like that your video will be uploaded without any loading.

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Last updated: November 30, 2018

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Plzzzzz help me sis i update my tiktok app and it don’t show the who can see my video option n i can’t save my vids to private plz help

It may be an app glitch, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again. If not then make a video and post it to public. Later go on that very same video and click on the three dots from right side corner, there will be an option named as “Private” click on that and your video will get saved in private.

Hlo… I have saved my videos ysterday.. Bt today even i can’t see them in my account.. 😔😔 Plzz hlp me

You might have updated the app after a long time, it happens sometimes. But if you had saved your video then it sure will be in your phone’s gallery check once.

How can i share vedios on tik tok of others?

I have written one article about this too please go to this link

Hi, my account is private so only my friends can see my posts.
If i make a video private does that mean only i can see it or my friends too ?

If you save a video as private only you can see them.


tik tok ( consume a lot of storage space and now hthe internal storage of my daughters phone says there is no space left. 🙁
So we changed storage from internal to SD and the app said that all files are moved to the card. But there was no change in storage space, also not after a reboot.
Now we decided to delete the data, but she will save all videos and drafts before we go on.
So is there a way to download all files at once?
We also searched the for the local saved files but found no video in the tik tok folders. All videos on YT are made with older versions of but none of them shows where the new tik tok will save the files. May be you know the savepath?

Sorry for my poor english, we are from germany. And thanks for help.

As a tik tok user myself I know the problem of internal storage. I have been through this issue and my solution was to transfer all my videos into my laptop and then clear everything from my smartphone. If not then upload her videos on Google Drive they provide up to 15 GB free data per email id.
But there is no way to download every video at once. She has to download them individually.
Once downloaded, the videos will get in her phone’s gallery under “Videos”.

Hi, can you help me how can i write a caption in my private video.

It’s my private video and there is not a caption now i want make it public and write a caption in it but i don’t know how pleass help ????!

If you have saved your video private without adding a caption then you can’t write a caption later on. So, what you can do is save that video to the gallery and then upload it from your local videos, so with this, you can write a caption and can also add effects or filters.

Hey !! Can u plz tell me that when i post my video in private !! Is it 100% sure that it won’t be visbile to anybody else except for me !?

Yes, it won’t be visible to anyone except you, until and unless you switch it to public. But if you still feel even the slightest doubt then save that video to your gallery and delete it from your private folder.

If you post a video and it’s in drafts does that mean it’s uploaded?

No, a video in draft is not uploaded until and unless you set it to public.

If I save video in draft without settings any privacy than is it will shown to the public?

No, a draft is just visible to you.

anyway of being able to see all the videos marked as private. i can’t see mine anymore

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