How To Print Documents From Your Phone

How To Print Documents From Your Phone

Smartphones have come a long way since its genesis. It has replaced heftier necessities like an alarm clock, a watch and to most extent, a television. It should come as no surprise that taking print outs from your phone is easy enough. Unless you really need a hard copy, soft copy often gets the work done. With the right amount of steps, your printing will be popping print-outs commanded from your phone. You’ll just need an app and a printer. So, dive in to learn how to print documents from your phone.

How To Print Documents From Your Phone

There are many different ways by which you can print documents from your phone but we’ll be focusing on two of the majorly used ways.

Google Cloud Print

Step 1:  To print via the Google Cloud Print, make sure you have added your printer in the list of printers.

Step 2: Go to Google Chrome > hamburger option (three horizontal lines)> Settings > Show advanced settings > Google Cloud Print > Manage Cloud Print devices > Add printers/Manage existing ones.

Step 3: Download the Google Cloud Print app on your Android device.

Step 4: Make sure that the Google account on your phone is the same as your PC. Only then will you be able to see added printers.

Step 5: Open an image or a document.

how to print documents from your phone

STEP 6: Tap on Print and a new window will open.

STEP 7: If the printer isn’t available, you’ll get a warning.

how to print documents from your phone

STEP 8: Manage the conditions to print the document like the number of copies or the paper size.

Miscellaneous Options:

You can even print via a USB Cable, WiFi or Bluetooth but your printer and phones, both should support these parameters. Although people still use wired connections for taking print outs, there’s no harm in experimenting. Samsung and HP also have their own app but printing via Google Cloud is the fastest option. So, let us know in the comments below, which is your preferred way.


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