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In this tutorial, I will show, How to Partition USB Flash Drive or Pen drive using mini-tool partition wizard. Now you my have a question in your mind – Why do i need to partition my Pen drive ? Well By partitioning you can simply keep two different things in each drive.

USB Flash Drive is mostly used to keep important data or files. We use USB flash drive because we can take this small thing with us, wherever we want and it doesn’t takes much space. It is very important to carry a Flash Drive with you and I always keep one with me. It allows you to transfer your data with PC as well as with your smart phone.

Without wasting time lets move on and see the steps to be followed :

Step – 1

Download Minitool partition from official website. Install it on your PC as per the conditions.

Step – 2

On opening the Minitool partition you will see the number of partitions available on your PC. Now right click on your  pen drive and click on the DELETE button in the popup as shown in the image below.

How to Partition USB Flash Drive or Pen drive

Step – 3

Now it will show the status that the space is un-allocated . Now again right click on it and click the create button . Select the size of your partitions and create it as per the requirement. I am creating a partition of 3.13 GB (3204MB) as my pen drive have the total capacity of 8 GB. Setting file system as FAT 32 and labeling it as DATA.

Step – 4

Click on the OK button below and right click on the remaining unallocated space or remaining space. Right click on the drive and again hit create button. Now just label it and set file system as FAT32 . Click OK and you are done.

How to Partition USB Flash Drive or Pen drive

Step – 5

Now just click on the APPLY button on the left hand side upper corner and you’re done.


It will process till all the changes is applied. After that you can use your pen-drive as two partitioned flash drive.

Happy learning !

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How to Partition USB Flash Drive or Pen drive

Last updated: July 30, 2016

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