How to Make a Skype Video Call on Windows 10

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The world is just a few clicks away. Thanks to the technological advancements, the globe has become a smaller place where we can keep tabs on our near and dear ones and make friends simultaneously. People who were born after 1994 would know how technology progressed. A few years ago, the internet was unknown to most of the world. Can you imagine living in a time when you had thousands of queries but no simple solution? Well, I can’t. And there’s a good reason. We have been Googling a lot of things, sometimes an overkill, but the answers to all our problems is right through a few clicks on our smartphones and personal computers.

Technology has always been about progressions and it isn’t possible without proper communication. While people got their hands on mobile devices a bit late but our personal computers always saved the day back then. We had a world to explore when all this was new and video calling was relatively new. But there was only one medium through which the entire world communicated, showing their side of the world. Skype was the most premier and the only good option back then. And it was the best. It still is. It is basically what WhatsApp is today – Video calling, texting, sending emojis or even calling a landline or mobile by paying the extra.

But people mostly focused on the video call – seeing your loved ones doing their daily chores in HD quality was like being there. Well, even though the competition has been taken over by WhatsApp or Google Duo, Skype still remains a preferred medium for many to communicate and see the oblivious world in crystal-clear quality. So, if you are new to this realm and want to learn how to make a Skype Video call, dive in this tutorial as we guide you to talk to your favorite bunch of people or attend that virtual office meeting.

How to Make a Skype Video Call on Windows 10

Skype is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux.

Step 1: Download the application from the above source or the Microsoft Store.

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Step 2: Launch the app on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3: It will ask you to sign in with your existing ID or to create a new account.

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Step 4: Enter the appropriate credentials or create a new account if you have never used Skype.

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Step 5: If you are creating an account, it will ask you to input your full name, age, birthdate, location, etc. Enter all the appropriate details.

Step 6: Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on Create Account.

Step 7: When you login the first time on Skype, it will ask you to import existing contacts. You can either agree or deny.

Step 8: You can also look for your family members or friends on Skype in the Search box situated at the top-left corner. Just type their name, e-mail address or Skype name if you happen to know that.

Step 9: First send a simple “Hi” to the other person and only call them if they say so.

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Step 10: You can click on the video-camera icon which is the very first icon. Ensure that you don’t click on the phone call icon or else you will be charged, depending on your country rates.

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Step 11: You can even share screens along with the other person you are chatting with. Just go to options and click on Call.

Skype 05

Skype 06

Step 12: You can also conference call a lot of people at once.


Skype still remains the best option in terms of calling because of its user interface and the ease of navigation it provides. You will have to tinker a bit around the app to understand how it exactly works but it isn’t rocket science. Also, the quality of the video call depends on what type of internet connection you have and how strong it is.


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