What is your intensity? how to know what’s your intensity?

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What is your intensity? how to know what’s your intensity?

What is your intensity?

People often tell me or ask me that what should I do to gain weight or lose weight? My first answer to them is that first concentrate on your nutrition because it is a fuel for your body and your fuel will help you in burning calories. But this happens only when there is muscle breakdown and the reason behind your muscle breakdown is your workout intensity. If there is no hypertrophy i.e if there is no muscle break down the individual may not notice any results.

But how to know what’s your intensity?


Usually intensity can be denoted over a period of time. For example: A is a beginner and hence he has low intensity because he is new to this subject of weight training and as he will develop the practice of exercise movements with correct form under 1-2 months he will move to intermediate intensity. During his beginning he will perform all the exercise movements till 15-20 reps and not reach failure as the resistance (weight) is not heavy. As he slowly increases the weight he might be able to do only 8-12 reps. The reason behind this is that at intermediate intensity his will reach his failure between the 10th or the 12th rep. and accordingly after 6 months or a year he may reach at advance level intensity where he will reach his failure at the 6th or 8th rep.

Your muscle requires minimum 8 – 10 working set to initiate hypertrophy so you need to plan your sets accordingly.

Intensity in cardiovascular activities!

In cardio intensity can be denoted as we denoted in weight training but with the help of time speed and distance. For example: A is an individual who runs 2.5 km in 30 mins. As he improves over his performance and simultaneously on his nutrition he can then run 2.5 km in just 20 mins. This is an increase in intensity. The increase in time is also increase in the intensity but it cannot be denoted as high intensity because it is not challenging to the heart.

Nutrition is the most important factor as far as results are concerned but if you’re your intensity is not challenging it may occur as a barrier between you and your goals .

Let me know if anybody has a doubt regarding this topic in the comment section and also let me know -which other topics you want to read in the next blogs .

-Dhrumil Soni

Last updated: June 20, 2016

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