How to kill stress with meditation

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Stress and its Dhisssqyaunn – By Meditation (yoga) / How to kill stress with meditation How to kill stress with meditation

Mankind has always tried to attain peace and happiness through all available means .The urgency of getting an ideal method of attaining Mental peace has become great in view of the Tremendous increase in the stress and strain of life especially in urban areas. The rapid industrialization and urbanization leading to excessive crowding, too much of competition , excessive hurry and worry are some of the important factors which ultimately lead to mental and physical changes. How to kill stress with meditation.

Initially ,a man tries to adapt himself to face such a strain. However , if such a situation is allowed to continue for a long time  the person fails to adapt himself and then he starts getting the manifestations of abnormal changes one by one. At a first he gets Psychic changes such as nervousness,sleeplessness, etc. If the process is not recognized and checked in time he gets some additional disorders such as Palpitation , increased pulse rate , rise of blood pressure,etc. As these changes continue, he ultimately becomes  a victim of one of the Psychosomatic stress disorders such ass Heart attack, Diabetes, Asthma, thyrotoxicosis, Migraine, Rheumatoid arthritis and other Khatarnak (Dangerous) diseases!!

Well,Why a particular person falls a victim to any of these stress diseases, depends upon his genetic factors,psycho-somatic constitution and the various environmental factors,such s nutritional status,habit climate,nature of work,etc.

Among all these diseases increased Blood pressure(hypertension) with or without major Heart diseases + diabetes seems to be the most common cause of death. It is world wide phenomenon. UK institute of health did a survey few years back and reported its result in their Journal – The results were ;

  • One in every 10 persons in the age group of 30-50yrs is a victim of above discussed diseases (diabetes,Hypertension,etc).
  • About 80% of school going children’s are having depression- Anxiety disorders. ( Hey Ram!!!)

It is Gratifying to Know that more and more powerful drugs are being produced and marketed for the benefit of such patients. However the use of such powerful drugs has its own drawbacks such as drug addiction, severe side effects , adverse effects etc. Hence in recent years there has been  an intense search for non-medical measures not only to have control over these diseases but also to prevent the development of these disorders.

If we look into the ancient past of mankind we can easily find out the methods described by the earlier philosophers sages and spiritual leaders for maintaining tranquility of mind is awesome , just Awesome!!!!

Amongst them “Yoga” seems to be the earliest and the most effective method for providing peace and tranquility of mind.The word “Yoga” (Yog, not yoga) is generally misunderstood by people. To some it means a particular form of exercise whereas to others it is form of worship and to many it is just Aasan or Pranayam etc.

‘Yoga ‘in one line is a “way of life”.

Yoga has 8 Stages { according to great sage patanjali } and Meditation is one of the stage of yoga.We will discuss only about the “meditation” and its importance / relevance in our day to day life. (In this article)

How to kill stress with meditation

Well friends, Meditation is that which gives you deep rest .“The rest in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                In Buddhist tradition the word “Meditation” is equivalent to a word like sports in the U.S. Its family activity, not a single thing! Its difficult for a beginner to sit for hours and think of nothing or have an “Empty mind”.The Easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breathe , repeating a single word or Mantra (OM NAMAH SHIVAY)  Staring at a candle flame etc. in a calm sitting position. How to kill stress with meditation.

Benefits:  The benefits of meditation are Manifold !

  • It is an essential practice for “ Mental Hygiene”
  • A calm mind , good concentration, clarity of perception improvement in communication, Blossoming of skills and talents.
  • An Unshakable inner strength, healing, the ability to connect, to an inner source of energy, relaxation, rejuvenation and good luck, all natural results by Meditating regularly.

Apart from this Meditation has key roles in many diseased condition such as,

  • It lowers high blood pressure (hypertension) .
  • It improves blood circulation.)
  • Lowers blood cortisol level (Stress hormone ).
  • Controls, prevents, cures Diabetes.
  • Prevents and cures Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease.
  • Controls cancer.
  • Increases immunity and much more !

We should remember that for successful Meditation, the mind must be calm and for this we must conduct our normal life in peaceful manner generally,

  1. A prayerful attitude in relation to work would the most useful!
  2. Further we must realize the fact that Divinity in some degree is present in every individual that we come across!

This ultimately leads to peaceful life which in turn helps us calm our mindwhile we sit for Meditation. In order to keep our mind in a peaceful state we should keep our body also in sound state of health for this, we must have a balanced amount of food, good sleep and regular habits with regard to our work !

When a person manages to have such a steady and healthy bod and mind he can easily sit for Meditation in a comfortable posture in a calm atmosphere !!


So At the end , let us all do a Simple Meditation steps ! ( Come on guys lets do together)                                                             Just read it once and follow exactly what I said !just Do! And see, feel the magic,yes – The Magic! Lets start !

  1. Sit comfortably ( On the floor or on the chair).
  2. Close your eyes!
  3. Now, Make no effort to control the breathe ,Simple Breathe naturally!
  4. .Focus your Attention on the breathe and feel how the Body moves with inhalation and exhalation.

Notice the movement of your body as your breathe. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage and belly. Make No effort to control your Breathe, simply focus your Attention, if your mind wonders. How to kill stress with meditation.


Maintain this Meditation practice for 4-5 minutes to start and then try for longer Periods.

  • So ! Go for it!!! And please tell me if you find peace or not !
  • (You can do it anywhere in train, in bus, in your Free class or during boring class 😛 Anywhere!)
  • Namastey goodbye, keep smiling.

                                                                                                                [Dr. Amit Shukla]

                                                       [Ayurveda, Medical, Naturopathy, Yoga Expert ^_^ ]

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How to kill stress with meditation



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