How to insert Google AdSense Ads in WordPress Sidebar

Bloggers often try to insert Google AdSense Ads in WordPress Sidebar, Footer area and Content section to earn more with Google.

According to the Google Adsense Ad Placement Policies, you should not place the Adsense ads in such locations which encourage accidental clicks. So where should I insert my ad unit if I want to earn well with Adsense?

Have similar questions in your mind? Here’s what you can do to increase your revenue without conflicting with the policies.

Most of the Bloggers practice placing the ads inside the content. In such events, they make a lot of impressions and clicks. But it disturbs the readability of the article, and the visitors hate that.

If you want to increase your CPC & CPM with Google Adsense ad network, Sidebar is the best place to start with. On the other hand, it doesn’t look annoying since it is outside the content.

According to the recent observations, Sidebar is the best place to capture the right amount of impressions as it is the main component of the website. Moreover, no visitor can avoid the Sidebar anyhow, Right?

Well, if you are getting more than 1500 visitors daily you can easily make $5 per day. And the plus point is that this technique operates on both mobile as well as desktop devices.

Thus in this post, I will explain some suitable methods on –

How to insert Google Adsense Ads in WordPress Sidebar?

Method 1- Using WordPress text widget (Recommended)

It is the simplest way to insert Google Adsense Ads in WordPress Sidebar. All you have to do is just grab a code from Google Adsense and paste it in your WordPress sidebar text widget.

Before getting started with the process, you must have an Adsense account. If not create one here.

Now follow up the steps given below to insert Google Ads in Sidebar.

  • Login to your Google Adsense account and click on the “Ad units” under Content in the Adsense menu. Refer to the screenshot below.

How To insert Google AdSense ads in WordPress Sidebar

  • All of your Adsense Ads will be stored in this place. Now Click on + New ad unit as highlighted in the image above.
  • It will open a new page where you have to enter your new ad unit’s name. Name it anything; I am naming it as a Sidebar for explicit recognition.
  • Move further to select the Ad size. Now that’s tricky. You have to choose the proper ad size depending on the size of your sidebar. Choose the ad size 300 x 250 (medium rectangle) as it is most suitable Ad size for Sidebars. Click on Save and get a code.

How To insert Google AdSense ads in WordPress Sidebar

  • A new popup will occur to provide Adsense code. Select the code type as Asynchronous. Now right-click on it and copy the Ad code. See the image below.

How To insert Google AdSense ads in WordPress Sidebar

  • Alright? Now Login to your WordPress Dashboard and click on the widget under your WordPress Appearance settings.
  • In WordPress Widget, locate the Text Widget. Select and add it to the Sidebar. 3
  • Now open the Text widget you just saved and paste the Ad code in the content which you had copied from the Google Adsense. Name the title as Advertisement or anything and hit the save button. It must look like the screenshot given below.3
  • After saving it, the ad will show up in your Sidebar. See in my case it is showing on the right side of the page.3

Method 2 – Using Google Adsense Plugin

Using a compatible plugin is the easiest way to monetize your WordPress site.

Here’s how-

Well, there are hundreds of plugins to insert Adsense ads on your site. But, I recommend you to use Official Google Adsense plugin if you hate touching codes.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#0091ea” color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ radius=”5″ icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#ffffff” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Download Google Adsense Plugin[/su_button]

You do not have to deal with codes if you are using this plugin by Google Adsense.

Simply install the plugin and sign-in to your Google Adsense account. Leave the further responsibilities in the hands of this plugin. No codes, No external sign-in.

The developers have made it very easy to use. So there is no chance that you will break your site.

Furthermore, this plugin also enables you to manage your Google webmaster account (Search Console).

To insert Google Adsense ads in the Sidebar, you have to install and activate this plugin.

  • Hop over to WordPress settings and look for Adsense. In Adsense settings, you will see “Get Started” button, click on on it. (only if you have an Adsense account, if not  create one here)
  • It will direct you to a new page where you have to verify your WordPress site with your Google Adsense account as given in the image below.1
  • Once you successfully confirmed your account, all you have to do is to open your Adsense settings and monitor if everything is okay.
  • This plugin is handy to serve ads automatically to mobile devices. Enable it if you want to display ads on mobiles.
  • Click Manage ads under the Adsense plugin settings.
  • Please note that if you have previously tried placing the Adsense codes on your WordPress site, this plugin will not work correctly. To make this plugin work, remove the Adsense codes from your widgets or templates you have added earlier.
  • Done? Cool. Now pick a template to review. You can attach different ad units in different templates.
  • Now just click on the Preview button at the top of the page to view the sample Ads. See the screenshot below for reference.


  • The markers are showing up in the different sections where you can embed the ads. Now just click on the marker icon  in your Sidebar to display ads in the Sidebar.

Using this plugin, you can display Google Adsense Ads anywhere on your WordPress website. Also, this plugin is very easy to use, and you don’t need to jumble with codes.

These are the two most simple methods to add Google Adsense Ads in WordPress Sidebar. Try anyone of the above.


While inserting ads on your website make sure it does not exceed the maximum allowed units (3 per page). It can harm your Adsense account.

I will recommend newbies not to draw clicks on ads from friends as it can affect the conversion and also there is a chance of permanent ban from Adsense. Please avoid doing that.

Try placing the ads at the top or bottom of the sidebar as it draws more attentions and impressions. Furthermore, it also helps to maximise your Adsense revenue.

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I hope this article will help you in adding Adsense ads in your WordPress sidebar. If you caught up to something in between, get in touch, we would try to solve it together.

Also, share your experience about inserting ads in your sidebar in the comment.

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  1. Hey there, as we are on a topic related to the sidebar, I would take the opportunity to ask you guys about the Social Widget in your sidebar. Is it a dedicated Widget ( if yes, can you link me to it?) or something you designed ( if this is the case, which is the Widget you took as a base?)

  2. Thank you for this post. It’s a lot more detailed than other sites that just tell you to insert the code into a text box.
    I have followed your instructions for Method 1 to the letter and my code looks similar to the one in your example. I’m not getting the ads, though. My site shows the code instead. Am I missing a piece of the puzzle? How do I get the ads to show?


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