How to get the Legendary Outfit in PUBG Mobile

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Want the get the Legendary Outfit in PUBG Mobile? Scroll below.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale games that keep you hooked with its gameplay. With over 50M daily active users, the developers have been introducing various updates so that players don’t get a taste of monotony. The survival mode, zombies, Godzilla, etc. have been the favorites of PUBG Mobile fanatics with more updates scheduled for the future. If you have been playing PUBG Mobile for a while now, you’d know that it’s a task to get the Legendary Outfit. But fret not! I’ve listed some steps through which you can easily get the legendary outfit in pubg mobile. Let’s pull the chute!

How to get the Legendary Outfit in PUBG Mobile

Before we jump in, you must know that items in PUBG Mobile are categorized as Mythic, Legendary, Epic, and Rare. Mythic items are the most highlighted items and there is a 0.5% chance of getting them. Legendary items are also hard to get. That’s what I’ll help you with.

Method 1: Battle Points

There are two items that are available in the soldier crate. To open the soldier crate, you need the in-game Battle Points which are free. Score the BP by login in daily and completing daily missions.

There are chances that you might get duplicate items when you open the soldier crate. You can discard said items to get silver frags. When you collect 850 silver frags, you can purchase a trench coat which is also considered as a legendary outfit. Buy it in the shop from the redeem section.

Method 2: VPN

There’s another method through which you can increase your chances of getting legendary items while opening crates. You need to know that in countries like India, the chances of getting legendary or mythic items are low since most of the users do not want most of the users to own legendary or mythic items. If a lot of people will own legendary items, they won’t have the same value. So, we look elsewhere. Virtual Private Network is our best option.

Now, download a VPN that suits your needs. Connect to Germany or Taiwan or someplace where PUBG mobile is not much popular. After VPN connects to the server, launch PUBG Mobile. All you need to do is open the crates. You would now notice a slight difference in the way PUBG Mobile will fetch some legendary outfits and guns.

You can also get a free Helmet Skin in PUBG Mobile. Once you own two permanent legendary outfits, you get the third one for free.


How do you get legendary items in PUBG?

To get legendary items in PUBG Mobile, you’ll need to open crates. You can also use your BP, or battle points, to buy sliver fragments. Now buy a crate scarp from the shop using sliver fragments. You can use this coupon scarp to open crates. You’ll probably get a legendary item.

Which items are legendary in PUBG?

Hot pants (blue) and sunglasses (red) are considered legendary items. The miniskirt, which is a mythic item, is very rare.

What is the legendary outfit in PUBG?

Legendary outfits in PUBG Mobile are Pink in color and you can get them from crates.

How do you get more items in PUBG?

Legally speaking, you can more items in PUBG Mobile by thoroughly playing it and by completing missions of the Royal Pass. It gives you free items after 5 RP levels. If you are on 40 and 60 RP levels, you can also get better skins. With the help of Royal Pass, you can earn crate coupons of premium and classic crates or purchase them.


I have laid out two methods through which you can get the legendary outfit in PUBG Mobile. If you have patience, you can simply try the first method. But if you are like me, you can go for the second method which requires a good VPN.


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