How to get on the foryou page on TikTok; 7 Ways

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Have been trying to get on the foryou page on TikTok for a while now but are unable to make it, fret not, we’ve got a fix for you! Getting views and likes on posts is not as easy as it may seem as there are several factors taken into consideration before uploading a particular video on TikTok. Some may be easy to use while others might require complex thinking. Continue reading to know about the major ones…

How to get on the foryou page on TikTok

How to get on the foryou page on TikTok

Here we’ll be sharing with you some tips on How to get on the foryou page on TikTok.

1. Unique Content

The content of your videos should be unique and creative. Make sure that you pick a subject that would increase your chances to get on the foryou page.

You can try to create your own sound by mixing different music and use it in your videos. This can lead people to search for your profile to check the sound and they might end up following you.

Experiment with your videos and make them as engaging as you can.

2. Relevant Hashtags

Solely uploading your video won’t improve your reach. You’ll need to put in more effort into your video before making it available for users. Using relevant hashtags might help! Incorporating popular hashtags into your videos can help attract people with similar interests to your profile. Try to use at least 2-3 hashtags in each video, as it may help Tik Tok to recognize your video, categorize it accordingly and introduce it to people who search for the same hashtag.

3. Trending sounds

Try and use popular soundtracks into your video. People love to watch trending videos and therefore recording your video in one such trending audio might show your TikTok videos in the foryou page.

4. Popular trends and challenge

If you post videos with popular trends and challenges, chances of your video catching eye of users are more. You might wind up becoming popular and appear on the foryou page.

5. Engage with other users

It’s important that you keep your core audience engaged through your videos. To do so, you should like and reply to peoples’ comments in every possible way. If you can’t reply to each and every one of their replies, schedule a fixed time daily for replying to comments. Also, one of the best and easiest ways to interact with your followers would be to go ‘Live’ whenever required.

6. High-Quality Videos

As it is said, quality does matter. If you make a video that is blurry, it is likely that people will skip viewing it. Therefore, it is fundamental that you create high-quality videos.
To make one, you can make use of proper lighting, a suitable background, and most of all, a camera of high intensity.

7. Like and comment on trending videos

You can easily seek the attention of popular influencers by replying to their videos. There are chances of them replying back to your video and even hit your profile. If this happens, you might succeed in fetching some followers.


How does TikTok decide what goes on the Foryou page?

TikTok uses the ‘batch’ theory to decide what goes on the Foryou page.

It works by initially showing posts to a small batch of users and if that post gains popularity, it gets released to a larger batch of users.

How do you get noticed on Tik Tok?

You can take the aforementioned tips into consideration to get noticed on Tik Tok.

What is the TikTok algorithm?

TikTok algorithm works by measuring how much of your video is actually watched and the number of likes, comments, shares, and downloads on your post.


These were some straightforward tips that can help you get on the foryou page on TikTok. Try incorporating them into your new videos and you’ll surely observe an increase in users’ involvement. Moreover, be consistent with your videos, make an effort to upload videos frequently.

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