How to find someone on Snapchat; 4 Best Methods to find someone on Snapchat


You might have just joined Snapchat under peer pressure or to see how good the filters are. But an empty friend list would seem spooky. So, I’ll help you find someone on Snapchat. After all, there’s no fun in using the app with the amazing features just lying around! Let’s dive in!

How to find someone on Snapchat

I’ve listed a few methods that will help you find someone on Snapchat without any hassle!

Method 1: Search for Snapchat Username

Snapchat usernames are unique as they can never be changed. You can easily find someone on Snapchat through their username.

How to find someone on Snapchat

Step 1: Launch Snapchat and click on the search box.

Step 2: Type in your friend’s username.

Step 3: All the usernames that appear in the results will be displayed below the search box.

Step 4: If you find a correct match, click on +Add.

Method 2: Sync Your Contacts

This method won’t take much of your valuable time. Snapchat automatically detects people from your contact list and suggests you add them to your list.

Sync Your Contacts

Step 1: Launch Snapchat and go to your profile.

Step 2: Click on Add Friends > Contacts.

Step 3: Now tap Find Friends button in blue.

Step 4: Snapchat will request you to access your contact. You’ll need to grant a few permissions.

Step 5: Go back to Contacts and click on Find Friends > Continue.

Step 6: You’ll see a popup message that will ask you to confirm the permissions. Tap OK. Keep in mind that the popup will only appear if you’ve granted the permissions.

Step 7: You’ll see the accounts of people who’ve added their phone numbers to their Snapchat account. You’ll see their Snapchat username clearly.

Step 8: Click on +Add next to their phone numbers. Y

Step 9: You can invite those who aren’t on Snapchat. You’ll see a list of people who haven’t added their phone numbers to their Snapchat account or those who don’t use Snapchat at all.

Step 10: Tap +Invite next to the numbers.

Method 3: Quick Add

Quick Add is an easy option to find someone on Snapchat. This section suggests you, users, based on mutual friends and people you subscribe to.

Step 1: There are three places where you can see the Quick Add option:

  • While searching for a username below the search box.
  • At the bottom of the Conversations tab.
  • At the center of the Discover tab.

Step 2: If you see someone you know or someone you’d like to be friends with, tap on +Add button

Step 3: If you feel there isn’t any connection with the usernames suggested to you, click on the X to remove them as a suggested friend.

Method 4: Scan the Snapcode

Snapchat assigns every user a unique Snapcode. It can be scanned in the app itself that lets you add friends quickly.


Step 1: To begin, ask your friend for their Snapcode. Tell them to find the code by tapping on their profile or Birmoji icon. A Snapcode looks like a yellow square that has a dotted pattern.

Step 2: Now launch Snapchat on your phone.

Step 3: Navigate to the camera screen by tapping the circle button at the bottom-center of the screen or by swiping left/right from the Conversations tab.

Step 4: Once you are on the camera screen, point your device on your friend’s Snapcode, just the way you would scan a QR code.

Step 5: Now tap and hold the Snapcode on the screen. You can let go after two or three seconds. By doing so, Snapchat knows that you are requesting it to scan a Snapcode.

Step 6: Snapchat will now show you the user whose Snapcode you just scanned.

Step 7: Click on the purple Add Friend button to add the user.

Step 8: There’s another way to add friends via Snapcode. You’ll need to upload a photo of your friend’s Snapcode on Snapchat itself.

Step 9: To do so, first click a photo of the Snapcode or tell your friend to send a screenshot of their Snapcode to you.

Step 10: Click on your profile or Bitmoji icon and tap on Add Friends.

Step 11: Click on Snapcode located at the top of the menu.

Step 12: Now click on the Snapcode’s photo.

Step 13: Snapchat will scan the code in the photo and show you the user the Snapcode belongs to.

Step 14: Tap the Add Friend button to add the user.

3 Ways How to find someone on Snapchat(Video)


How can you find someone on Snapchat without their username?

You can find someone on Snapchat even if you don’t know their username. Type your friend’s full name in the search box. Snapchat’s algorithms will auto-suggest you a list of Snapchat users that have the name you typed.

How can you find out someone’s Snapchat username?

To find out your friend’s username, punch in their full name in the search box. You can find your friends under ‘My Friends’ and other users in the ‘Add a friend’ section. Their usernames are mentioned below their full name and next to their Bitmoji or Avatar. Now tap on ‘Show More’ to expand the list.

How do I find someone on Snapchat using their phone?

Another way of finding someone on Snapchat is by punching their phone number. Click on the ‘Add Friend’ icon located at the top-right corner. Now tap on ‘All contacts’ or ‘Find Friends.’ Whichever option you’ll select, a list of users will be shown. You can then add them to your Snapchat.

How do you find someone on Snapchat map?

Snap Map is a neat feature that tells you, or rather shows you where your Snapchat contacts are. You can share your current location with them. To find someone on the map, swipe down on the Camera screen. Tap on a friend on the map in order to see their location. Now search for a friend’s username. If that person has given access to location, you’ll be able to see where they are accompanied by additional information.


Finding users on Snapchat is not hard. You can add your mates and have fun by giving them a sneak-peek into your life. Those you use Snapchat on a daily basis would know attractive its filters are! The privacy feature, where your Snaps and chats disappear within 24 hours has been the spotlight feature for a while now.

Were you able to find your peers on Snapchat using the aforementioned methods? Let us know in the comments below.


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