How to factory reset your android phone : 2 Best methods

A Factory Reset is the best thing you can perform if your android phone lags down at every point.

If you have forgotten your phone’s lock password or just want to clean up the internal memory or if your phone just stuck down while starting several apps, formatting your Android phone can fix the problems.

After the Factory Data Reset, all the garbage files present in your Android mobile will get erased, and you will get a Brand new Phone.

Developers believe that resetting your Android phone once to the factory settings is the best move to keep your phone stable and fast. Junk files such as system app data, unwanted cache, empty files and folders, temporary data get deleted after the Factory Data Reset.

Before starting the process, make sure that you have a backup of all your app data.

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Basically, there are two methods to reset your Android phone. Let us start with the first one i.e. Basic reset.

How to factory reset your android phone

METHOD 1: Soft/Basic Factory Reset.

Well, this is the first method which is practically easier than the hard reset. All you need to do is just follow the steps given below.

1. Open the Android Settings in App drawer.

Open your phone’s App Drawer. Select your mobile settings if it is not hard for you to locate the gear/settings icon under your app library.

open settings - How to factory reset your android phone

2. Select the Backup & Reset option.

Under the settings, find the personal settings tab. It would be easy for you to find Backup and Reset option under the personal settings tab. Just select and open it.

In most of the Android devices, the backup and reset option is present in the storage or privacy settings. Android settings vary from device to device.

Open backup and factory reset option

3. Select Factory Data Reset option.

In the Backup and Reset option, you will find “Factory Data Reset”. I don’t think that this step needs much explanation. Please select that option.

Now you are just one step away from resetting your android phone. After going through the above step, you’ll reach out to a new screen where you will get to know, what data will get erased after the reset. These files will primarily include your personal information such as contacts, messages, Social Accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, Google Accounts, Downloaded apps, System app’s data, Images, Music, Videos and any other files in the internal storage of your Android phone.

If you need any of these files, please backup them safely in your computer or SD Card.

Select factory data reset

4. Click on the “Reset Phone” button.

Below the list of the accounts to be wiped, you will find the “Reset Phone” button at the bottom. Just click on the “Reset Phone” button to start.

All the data in your internal storage will be erased after this process.

If you want to wipe the data on your External SD Card, Please Select “Erase SD Card” Option present at the bottom of the screen.

Reset android phone

5. Enter your Mobile Password.

Now it will ask you to enter your password. If you have set any password or pattern to unlock your android device, just insert it.

The process wouldn’t begin without entering the correct pattern or password.

factory reset your android phone

6. Click on “Erase Everything” button.

It is the final step after which the reset process will start and cannot be reversed.

After clicking on the “Erase Everything” button, the reset process will begin. Don’t turn off your mobile phone or remove the battery during the reset process.

erase everything - begin reset android phone


METHOD 2: Hard Reset (Factory Data Reset in Recovery Mode)

It is an alternate method of Factory Resetting your Android device. You can use this method when your phone is locked down due to too many wrong password attempts.

If you have forgotten your Pattern or Password then the only way to unlock your Android device is wipe data/factory reset in Recovery mode. This method is also known as Hard Reset.

1. Power off your Android device.

To begin the process of Hard Reset, firstly switch off your Android mobile. Long pressing the power button will help you to turn off your Android Phone.

If your Phone is frozen and the power button is not working, you can directly pull the battery out to power it off.

2. Go to the Recovery mode by holding down the recovery buttons.

It is a tricky step because the recovery buttons vary from device to device. So it is possible that you may have a different recovery buttons combination for your handset.

recovery mode buttons android reset

Recovery buttons for my device are Power and Volume up and Volume down.

To get into the recovery mode, you have to press and hold those buttons together for few seconds.

Below are the recovery buttons sequences for few popular handsets.

  • Google Nexus 7/4: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Samsung mobiles: Power + Volume Up + Home
  • Redmi Note 3, 3S, 3S Prime: Volume Up + Power 
  • Micromax Canvas (All): Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Power + Volume Up + Home
  • Moto X, G4, G4 Plus, All E/G Series: Volume down + Power
  • Motorola Droid X: Power + Home 
  • LG (All): Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • HTC (All): Power + Volume down
  • Xperia U:  Volume Up + Home key + Power 

Android Phones with the similar company are likely to have similar button combinations. If you have any problem finding your recovery buttons, kindly search it on Google as “Mobile-name recovery mode”.

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3. Select wipe data/factory reset

Once you get into your Phone’s recovery mode, use volume keys to shift the highlight above and below.

recovery mode - factory reset

Bring the highlight on wipe data/factory reset using Volume down key. Now press the Enter/Power key to confirm factory reset.

Move the highlight to the “Yes” and Select it to start the factory reset process. It will take few seconds to complete the factory data reset. Do not turn off your mobile during the process.

recovery mode - factory reset format android

4. Select “Reboot system now” to finish the reset.

After the successful reset, your Android phone will display the recovery mode again.

To finish the reset process, kindly Select “reboot system now” in your recovery mode. After the reboot, you will get your phone similar as you had purchased it.

reboot restore android


  • Before starting the reset procedure, please take the backup of all your personal data such as contacts and messages and other files. There is no way to recover it after the reset.
  • If your Phone is still working like a turtle even after the factory reset, then there must be some problems with your phone’s hardware.
  • If your phone is rooted then Factory resetting it can wipe all of your data including your Android OS. Ensure that not to factory reset your phone if it is rooted.
  • Factory data reset is a short process (1-5 minutes). If your phone freezes during the process, kindly turn it off using the power button. Still not working? pull out the battery to turn it off.

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    • Welcome. Factory reset is important and should be done frequently to avoid lags in your android phone. It clears up all tge junk files in the entire radius of your phone’s memory. Thank you & Keep visiting.


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