How to Download TikTok on PC

Tik Tok is one of the most incredibly popular apps of all time and has indeed turned out to be a great obsession among youngsters. The mobile version of the app has around 1.5 billion total downloads across Google Play and App Store but when it comes to downloading Tik Tik on computer, it might be a bit monotonous for few. Unlike the app, there is no official website available from where you can download TikTok directly on your computer. However, with the help of emulators, you can experience the same tablet-like UI of the Tik Tok app. Want to know how? Scroll down. 

How to Download TikTok on PC using emulators

Before diving into the series of steps of downloading TikTok on pc using emulators, let us take a look at how emulators work exactly?

Emulators usually work by allowing you to use your mobile apps on PC. 

Installing Emulator

Firstly, you’ll have to install the emulator, the best one being the Bluestack (it was the first production software that was developed to expand the boundaries of mobile gaming). Once installed, load the app’s file after opening it. Then, sign in and follow the procedures just like you would do on your smartphone or iOS device.

Now that you have an emulator installed on your PC, you can run TikTok videos with all the functionalities smoothly. However, at the start, you might experience the lack of emulation performance, this would be majorly because of the online data getting loaded from the app.

Perks of using Emulator:

  • Available on both Windows 10 and Mac
  • Access to different editing tools
  • High-quality video recordings 
  • Imitate a mobile browser environment

Download Bluestack


How to download TikTok Videos on Desktop?

Once you install an emulator, you can download Tik Tok Videos on Desktop too.

Is Bluestacks available for free?

Yes, you can easily download Bluestacks for free from its official website


To conclude it all, the performance of the emulated version of the Android app won’t be as great as the app itself but the fact that you get direct access to the record, edit, and publish your own videos might keep you going. 


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