How To Delete Search History in Facebook App (Android)

How To Delete Search History in Facebook App Android

Facebook is surely one of the most popular and leading social media platform around the globe. As it literally has billions of active users per month! Before Instagram and WhatsApp got famous, Facebook was one of the most renowned sources to connect with your friends and family online. And undoubtedly it still is! As it opened doors for many, to meet new people from around the globe. So, in this giant social media platform, it is obvious that you might have searched for something or the other on its application. We all have done it, be it to search for your friends to see if they are on Facebook too. Or simultaneously for a particular brand or unfortunately even for stalking! We are all guilty of doing it! But just like any other social networking sites, Facebook also memorizes user’s search history. So that it can offer appropriate suggestions depending upon the user’s area of interest.

For instance, if you’re searching for a particular brand, Facebook will show products related to your brand in your News Feed. And it is all fine, until and unless it gets way too unnecessary. Also, not just recommendations, but you might have seen the profile pages that you have searched earlier also gets into the drop-down list showing all in the recent searches. So, with all these names in your history, you can get in trouble, especially when your close friends or family end up seeing your search history!

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But, fortunately, Facebook provides with an option to delete search results from the Facebook app without any hassle. So, if you want to avoid unnecessary awkward situations with your friends or family. Or simply don’t want random brands or pages to clog up your Newsfeed. Then just follow the steps that are mentioned below.

How to delete search history in Facebook app (Android):

How To Delete Search History in Facebook App
  1. Open your Facebook application from your Android device and enter your credentials if you are not logged in.
  2. Once your Facebook opens you will see your “News Feed” page, from that, tap on the “Search” bar that will be on the top of your screen.
  3. Now beside the “Recent Searches” there will a button of “Edit”, (in the right corner) tap on it.
  4. After tapping on edit, you will see all of your search histories. Now you can either delete them manually one-by-one by tapping on them (if you don’t want to delete them all). Or tap on the “Clear Searches” option from the top and then tap on “Yes” to confirm your command. And that’s it you are good to go.

Note: The steps mentioned above works also for Facebook Lite.

So, these are the steps through which one can easily delete their facebook search history on their Android device without any hassle. Also, if you don’t want to delete all of your search histories, you can delete the ones you want by tapping on it individually.

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