How to create Viral Videos ( Stay Popular in the Viral Video World )

How to create viral videos.

A Video is a great way to explain your concept. It not only adds values to WordPress post but also but gives you credibility, traffic, backlinks and lot more.

It is very important to learn the art of creating quality videos so that people will not only subscribe and share but also buy your product. This is an art of converting visitors to customers.

How to create viral videos

What are the benefits of creating videos for your WordPress blog:

  • You can explain your concept very well using a video tutorial
  • Create a community around your YouTube channel
  • Earn extra money from YouTube from Adsense
  • Get backlinks for high ranking sites like YouTube
  • Gives you a better ranking in Google search
  • Create your brand

If you notice all the top bloggers, they have a great YouTube channel. That is how they have created a community around their blog and ultimately made their blog popular.

Some of the examples are Harsh Agarwal, Jitendra Vaswani, Amit Agarwal and so on.

It takes simple practice to make your video engaging and likable. Lets see 13 great tips to create converting and viral videos :

1. Follow a flow

You need to follow a flow for every video. Start with an introduction of your blog and brief what you are talking about. Do not forget to explain some background. There are people who are a newbie and need some background. Think about their perspective during the creation of videos. As you go on, explain more in detail.


2. Give it a personal touch

It is very important to give a personal touch to your video. People love to see who is behind the video. So show your face in the beginning. Make a personal brand of yourself. You can also use your webcam to keep your snapshot in the corner of the video.

How to create viral videos

3. Explain the topic in detail

You need to explain the topic in detail. Provide as much detail as you can. Show example or demo in the video. People understand the concept easily with an example.

4. Do post edit 

How to create viral videos

It is very important to do post edit of videos. Once your credit the video, use a good video editing tool to create effects like zoom, voice over or add images to your videos. I use screencast. You can select any other tool also. Make sure you highlight, zoom, mouse effect or similar thing to attract attention. It is also a nice idea to add music or special voice if required in editing mode.

YouTube also provides various editing option like adding Annotation and subtitles.

5. Create Custom Thumbnail 

Do not rely on YouTube to provide you a default video thumbnail. Create your own thumbnail. Use your picture, headline and some graphics in your thumbnail.

How to create viral videos

People are 60% more likely to click on your video if your video thumbnail is interesting.

6. Add YouTube widgets to your blog

You need to create more subscribers to get more traffic to your YouTube. To get more subscriber, you need to find way to promote your YouTube channel. Adding YouTube channel widget is a great idea to get more followers and subscribers to your videos.

How to create viral videos

7. Add your blog post and affiliate URL in video description

Along with a useful description, add your blog post URL and your affiliate URL to convert sales and redirect people to your blog.

How to create viral videos

8. Share it with other various other video sites 

Do not just rely on YouTube only to channel your videos. Try other video sharing site like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, BlipTV etc.

How to create viral videos

It will give you a bigger audience and you can promote your video better.

9. Do not forget to thank viewers

At the end of your video, do not forget to thank the viewers for watching to your video. Ask them to share, subscribe and comment on the video. Remember it is the share which makes your video viral.


10. Correct your SEO

SEO is very important for your blog. Remember to include your high ranking keyword in Video title and description. It will help you to rank better search engine ranking. Remember Google display video search result.

11. Use video to collect email subscribers 

You can also use your video to make people subscribe to your blog. Instead of an ebook, you can offer a video. People love the video and you have a better chance to get an email subscription.

How to create viral videos

12. Engage with other influencers

To get more subscriber, it is also important to get more followers. Follow influencer in your niche and review their video. They are likely to follow and share your video also in return.

13. Organize a Webinar or video podcast 

It is a nice idea to organize a webinar or Facebook live or YouTube broadcast with your readers. It will not only help you to engage your readers but helps you to get more subscribers.


Video marketing is nowadays is very important for your success as a blogger. It is a great media to interact with the auditions. The success of Facebook live and YouTube is great example of it.

You need to make sure to follow the above tips to optimize your videos and convert a visitor into your customer or a subscriber. Sometimes people are camera shy but if you are looking to be a great success as a blogger, you have to create a video channel around your blog. It gives you more visibility and credibility.

I would love to hear how you promote your video channel. Please use the comments section to share your thought.

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How to create viral videos

It makes me feel so amazing to know there’s people out here that support me and follow me on Twitter and watch my shows on YouTube and come to my concert, so I’m very thankful. – Austin Mahone


  1. Thank you Mihir for accepting my guest post. It is great to be a part of 3nions author team. Youtube video channel is very important for your success as a blogger. It not only gives you backlink but also credibility and clears your path becoming influencer in your niche. Thank you again!

  2. Hi Ravi ,
    thank you for explaining how to create videos the right way .
    Very helpful and good to know which tools can be used .
    And I never thought of sharing to other video sites 🙂
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