How to Convert .VCF File to Excel or .XLS without any Software

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Clicking photos on a camera two decades ago was fun but we had to handle the reel and get the photos printed externally. A decade ago the process got a bit simpler but new problems took birth. Why? The file format. Today, when we deal with various formats such as JPG, PNG and they can be converted to other file formats as well. Not just photos, you can convert any file format as per your desire.

Microsoft Excel has lessened the human efforts of categorizing the way we want without much fuss. Over time, it has evolved and gotten better at handling our data. VCF file, also known as vCard, is used widely for email contacts. You can convert these into .xls to display your it in a spreadsheet. But to do so, you’d had to download unsafe software. This tutorial will help you Convert .VCF File to Excel or .XLS without installing any software. Scroll down to know just how.

How to Convert .VCF File to Excel or .XLS without any Software

Step 1: Go to your ‘Contacts’ and click on the ‘Options’ menu or the hamburger icon.

Excel 05

Step 2: Look for ‘Settings’ and tap on it.

Excel 02

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Export’ and click on it. This will export all of your contacts.

Excel 03

Step 4: You’ll see a pop-up which will ask you to select either .vcf file or all contacts. Tap on ‘Export to .vcf file’

Excel 04

Step 5: Name it appropriately and click on ‘Save.’ Your contacts will now be exported to a place you select.

Excel 01 e1564744412778

Step 6: Locate the vcf file on your mobile and send it to your personal computer.

Step 7: Go to to convert the file.

Step 8: Navigate to ‘Document’ and click on ‘Choose Files.’

Excel 6 1

Step 9: Select the VCF format and in the Target format’s drop-down menu, select ‘XLS’ or ‘XLSX.’ Now click on ‘Convert Now!’

Excel 7

Step 10: Download the file. Click on the XLS/XLSX file. MS Excel will be opened (or open it in Google Sheets.)

You can now see all your contacts lined up in an orderly fashion in the MS Excel. You can convert any file on


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