How to Clear Android Cache; 2 Best Ways to Clear Cache on Android

How to Clear Android Cache

Android cache is a huge thing. People buy phones with low storage and soon run out of storage, because, surprise surprise, the cache has been accumulated. But what is cache and how to clear Android cache? I can think of the time when I first bought a 512MB micro SD card and I was elated! This is was in 2007. Fast forward to 2019, I have ordered a 512GB micro SD card. These two lines alone sum up the technological advancements we have seen. But, what will remain is the thirst for more. Maybe two years later, I would shift to a 1TB SD Card, provided OEMs won’t ditch it like the 3.5mm jack.

You might think as to why would someone need such a colossal memory? Well, I have good reasons – Photos, videos, Spotify songs, Netflix downloads, and YouTube videos, which I prefer to keep downloaded on my Note 9. Also, manufacturers don’t launch phones with such huge base storage. And here comes the cache. We all might have heard this term some point in our life, especially after smartphones became so ubiquitous.

So what exactly is cached data on Android? Cached data are the files, images and/or other media files stored on your smartphones/devices by an application or a website. The cached data is app-specific, meaning – it is stored by an app in a reserved space so that every time you load any app, it already has information ready to swiftly show you. Websites, for instance, save their layouts as cached data so that the next time you visit the page, it will load quicker.

Clearing cache will also make a difference the way your smartphone performs. It is basically the same as cleaning %temp% folder on Windows. It is safe to remove it and sometimes necessary as some old cache files can probably pose security and privacy threats. There are many reasons but let’s straight get into the matter and learn how to Clear Android Cache.

How to Clear Android Cache

Every Android phone’s cache can be removed by going into your phone’s Storage settings. You might want to delete all the cache at once or of an individual application. We will show you both.

1. Individual Apps

Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll till you find the Apps section.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 3: Select the application whose cache you want to clear. I use Kiwi Browser extensively and it has accumulated cache. So, I’ll go for this one.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 4: Tap on the application and click on the Storage option.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 5: Here, you get to see how much space the app is taking up onto your phone and how much cache it has collected.

Step 6: Tap on Clear Cache and the cache will be wiped out.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 7: There is another way you can individually clear cache of an application. But you must have Android 8.0 or above.

Step 8: Go to the home screen or the apps list.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 9: Long press on the app and you will see a contextual menu for the app. Click on App info. You will be taken to the app’s settings and the rest of the procedure is the same as mentioned above.

Screenshot 20190914 153416 One UI Home

2. Consolidated Apps

Go for this method only if your manufacturer has any such built-in option. If your phone has an option, most of the steps would remain the same. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so I can choose Device Care option.

Step 1: Go to Settings and scroll till you find Device Care or something equivalent to the phone you are using.

How to Clear Android Cache

Step 2: Open Device Care and select the Storage option.

Screenshot 20190914 152904 Device care 1

Step 3: You will see a blue-colored tab that says Clean now. It will also show you how much cache your phone has. Tap on it and the process will clear all the cached data.

How to Clear Cache on Android


You might have noticed that we did not include any third-party apps and there is a good reason for it. There are tonnes of apps on the Google Play Store that pretend to clear cached memory created by photos, videos, and apps. They will do the job, but some apps make false claims, such as clearing cache files will make your phone super fast. These apps also take up more space and keep running in the background. Moreover, they are filled with advertisements and include an in-app purchase option to get rid of them.

Even if you want to use such apps, be extremely careful while choosing one. But stay away from them altogether. Your phone is a smartphone, remember? So it can handle tasks like this efficiently.

Clearing cache is important and I gave plenty of reasons why. Keep in mind that if you do clear the cache every now and then, the particular app might not load the information quickly. So, clear cache once a month so that your phone doesn’t slow down.

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