10 Short Tips On How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

To begin with “the basics” of Wikipedia. Hosting – service to provide computing power to the physical location of data on a server residing on the network (typically the Internet). Hosting is also called a service on client’s equipment placement on the provider to ensure his connection to communication channels with high bandwidth. Usually hosting included in the package for site maintenance and implies a minimum file allocation service site on a server that is running the software required for processing requests for these files (web server). Typically, the service is already included providing a place for email correspondence, databases, DNS, file storage on a dedicated file server, and so on. N., As well as support the functioning of the relevant services.

Hosting the database file location, email hosting, DNS services can be provided separately or included in a comprehensive service.

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10 Short Tips On How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

It is also important to distinguish: Shared Hosting (Eng. Shared hosting). It is this type of hosting, where numerous web sites are located on the same Web server. It is the most economical form of hosting is suitable for smaller projects. Typically, each site is located in its own section of the Web server, but they all use the same software.

Another is VPS (Eng. Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Eng. Virtual Dedicated Server). In fact – a service in which user is provided with a so-called virtual dedicated server. But, In terms of control to the operating system, for the most part, it corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root-access, private IP-addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables. There is a misconception that VPS gives the client more resources. However, this is not quite true: the site on a VPS is available only limited resources of the VPS, they are guaranteed and there is no competition for them. This leads to a more rational and efficient use of resources, increasing productivity and stability of the VPS.

The coolest option for demanding resource problems – a dedicated server (Eng. Dedicated server). This type of hosting in which the client is provided with an entirely separate physical machine (as opposed to virtual hosting). Typically used to launch web applications, which can not synchronize on the equivalent server with other projects or have high resource demands.

As a rule, the majority of ordinary projects using virtual hosting. The larger and more complex requirements of the project – the greater the need to possibilities of VPS and dedicated server. In addition to the higher prices of VPS and very high cost of a dedicated server, including the direct costs of hosting and accommodation you will have to bear significant costs for maintenance and administration of the server itself. In the case of virtual hosting usually not required, since you work with the box solution.

10 Short Tips On How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

10 Short Tips On How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

  1. Have legal: status of the company host. If a host no office, nor the legal form, that is a distinct possibility that this – a very young company, or perhaps a questionable provider.
  2. Reviews of the company’s own forums: In the era of online marketing it is very difficult to find a normal job hosting reviews. Active actions of anti PR and PR services make them comparative become quite meaningless. But user feedback on their own forums providers can show how often people are faced with problems, what problems they are having, how to solve them holster support.
  3. The tariff plan: Do not try to buy the cheapest tariff, as often in companies with low tariffs and large numbers of users greatly decrease the quality of service. But the reverse situation is also possible. For example, considering the relatively expensive Russian proposals on a VPS or dedicated server, be sure to pay attention to the best offers abroad. There is much more likely to discover the best deals for far less money.
  4. The number of clients to the server: This is a very topical issue for shared hosting because the performance of your expensive new site can be destroyed 1,000 small foreign Saytik hosted on the same server as your website. Read also the discussion at the forum user client.
  5. Before selecting a hosting to start, decide what your hosting requirements: what software you install, what are the requirements from the software to the server, what resources will be required for your load by taking into account content of the site, traffic, the complexity of queries to the server.
  6. Restrictions on tariff: Carefully read the restrictions that impose on you chose fare traffic, server load, and the possible consequences of a breach of this restriction. Read the policy provider in these moments and your possible actions/ costs in such situations.
  7. The country hosting the placement: Decide what parameters are important to you – a relatively legally secure hosting outside of Russia (which might be true, for example, in the case of force majeure, initiated by unfair competitors), Russian-language support, low price, and fast speed access to the data center where is your server.
  8. Read the reviews of a support: Problems arise in many, if not all providers, even the best, the main question – how to cope with them, the staff host. A support – a very important part of your relationship with your host. Sanity/insanity support services can make your experience as a very easy and fun and terribly bad.
  9. Do not assume that ping server hosting: This is the main measure of the speed of your future site. Server load, the policy host virtual hosts on the servers, the channel of the data centre – all this can make quite an unpredictable speed of your site. Therefore, many parameters have to figure in the live mode.
  10. The quality of the website hosting companies: If the site provider error, no clear structure, frankly sub standard layout or design – look for alternatives. The provider that refers to as the main channel of communication with the client is unlikely to provide a high-quality service.

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