How to Buy Domain Names Cheap and Sell Them for Profit

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In this article, we look at making money trading domain names. We examine registrar and saving options using coupons.

Why do people buy domain names?

Each website has its own address that it lives at. Just like in real estate, not all addresses are created equal. People would much rather have their site located at “” than “” Because of this, there’s a lot of demand for simple top-level domains with the right extensions.

Buy Domain Names Cheap and Sell Them for Profit

Ever since the internet was created, entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of this to make money. Some have even turned $15 domain name purchases into million dollar sales. While it’s much harder to pull off the same profit margins today, it’s still very possible to make thousands of dollars a year by buying and selling domain names. By doing proper research, scouting attractive domains, and then advertising those domains to your target audience, you can sell domain names for many times what you paid for them.

Buying existing domain names

Domain names that are taken, can still be traded. There are various tools that allow you to check the domain authority of existing domain names. Using these tools you can estimate their value and negotiate offers.

Four best tips for buying and selling domains

Not everyone who buys a domain can sell it for a profit. Here are some of the best tips for making sure that your investment into domain names turns a big profit.

1. Know Your Niche

There are a lot of intricacies associated with marketing different products and services. Lawyers and real estate agents, for example, have strict laws that govern what they can and cannot do with their marketing. It’s easy to come up with a domain name that sounds nice for either niche that simply cannot be used due to these laws.

2. The same applies in reverse for other niches

Many sub-communities have a unique set of slang and jargon to refer to the products they use and the activities they participate in. By thoroughly researching a niche, you’ll come up with dozens of domain names that you would have otherwise missed.

3. Evaluate the market

So let’s say you’ve decided to focus on the RC aeroplane niche. You know that 3d-flying is a term that refers type of specialized aerobatic flight, so you’ve decided to pick up Before you buy it, though, it’s important to consider how much money the website will actually make.

To do this, try to figure out who would be interested in buying it. A manufacturer of high-end aerobatic aeroplane kits might be interested, or someone running an affiliate site who could offer reviews and advice on products related to acrobatic RC flying. You might even be able to sell the site to a team of competitive RC pilots who want to promote their favourite activity.

The question you need to ask is “how much money do all of these sites make?” You’d need to investigate similar sites and estimate how much revenue the site owner would generate in each case. Use your answer to help determine how much the site is worth. If the site would make thousands of dollars a month, you should be able to sell it for a decent amount of money. If it’s not likely to get a lot of hits or make a lot of sales, however, it might be worth investigating a different niche.

4. Check similar domains

Domain names change hands on a regular basis. In addition to checking out how much money is in your niche’s market, you should also look at actual sales of related domain names. Often times, there’s a disconnect between how profitable a niche looks and how much money you can actually make. If domains for a low-traffic niche are super expensive, you probably shouldn’t risk your money. On the other hand, if a high-traffic niche has super cheap domains, it might be worth sitting on a few to see what happens. Even if things look normal, you’ll get a better idea about how much money you’ll really get when your chosen domain sells.

Buy Domain Names Cheap and Sell Them for Profit


Can you make money by buying and selling domain names?

Absolutely. While it’s unlikely you’ll make millions off of a $15 purchase, there’s still plenty of room in the domain name market for you to flip domains for sizeable sums. While you’ll probably sell your domains for two or three digit prices when you start off, you’ll be buying them for even less. As you gain experience and confidence, you’ll be able to snag choice domains at incredible discounts and then sell them for hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, the key to success is buying the right domains and buying them at the right price. discount codes. Buying at the right price.

There are several domain name registrars, most of which offer a wide variety of web services from web hosting to web building software. and Godaddy have been in the industry for over 20 years. They are two of the most established domain name registrars in the industry. Though GoDaddy has gained more exposure due to their aggressive marketing strategy, generally offers domain name registration at more competitive prices.

When buying domain names in bulk or when investing in premium domain names it may save you hundreds of dollars if you check the internet for current coupons. At the time of this writing, “FILMRIOT” will save you a quarter of the cost when applied at checkout. Also, promo code “MONKEY20” will take 20% off your domain name investment.

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