How to avoid injuries during a workout – 3 ultimate ways

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How to avoid injuries during a workout??

The main reason that most of the doctors and parents hate gym is because the only thing about gym they know is injury. This fear of injury is just because they don’t have the correct knowledge or they keep incomplete information. If any of the doctors are reading this blog, I have a humble request that ifa patient comes to you for curing his injury kindly don’t demotivate him , yes there can be his mistake but give that patient the right knowledge. Do it just because that patient has come to you for curing his injury so that he can get back to normal and can work out injury free. How to avoid injuries during a workout

And now let’s come on the main topic that how to avoid injuries but first lets understand how these injuries can happen?

  • Over Training : The very first reason for injury can be over training. Since your muscles are not getting time to recover you can end up injuring yourself. Anything excessively done always ends landing you in the worst situation.
  • Lack of Flexibility : Every individual is different and so is their body. Hence every individual has different flexibility. Hence if you are that person who lack in flexibility then your chance of getting injured are much more higher. Flexibility depends on individual to individual and also joint to joint. Most of the injuries happen where the joints are less mobile , for example the shoulder joint.
  • Incorrect form and technique : practicing a movement with incorrect form and technique will lead to an
    injury. Hence it is important to know the scientific way of the movement and learn the correct form and technique.
  • Wrong judgement in choosing the weight : choosing heavier weights can be dangerous unless and until
    you have trained your central nervous system to adopt the weight. This can never happen overtime as it requires a regular training for any particular exercise.

Now let’s look up on some of the ways by which you can avoid the injuries.


How to avoid injuries during a workout

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1. Warm up : since the muscles are sore or stiff due to inactivity or lack of flexibility between the joints, a proper warm up by doing mobility drills is very much important. This will help in activating the synovial fluid between the joints and get them ready to lift those heavy weights. Correct form and technique: practicing the exercises with correct form and technique will definitely decrease the risk of injuries. Tis not only will decrease the risk but will help you to lift even more efficiently.

2. Proper stretching : it is important that at the end of each workout you do static passive stretches as this will help the muscles to relax and recover faster. During a workout your muscles are continuously under contraction hence it is necessary to bring them back to normal by doing stretching in the end. This will not only recover the muscle but will decrease the risk of injury.

3. Proper rest : since your body is not a machine, it requires appropriate rest in order to repair the broken muscle cells. It is recommended that you should have at least 8 hours of deep sleep a day and have a day off from exercise once in a week.

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So these were some of the guidelines on how to avoid injuries during a workout. So be safe than sorry!

How to avoid injuries during a workout

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