How PUBG earns Money? How much PUBG earns in a day?

How PUBG earns Money

While playing PUBG, have you ever had a thought on how PUBG earns money? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

PUBG Mobile is available for free, so where does it actually earn money from? This question might usually pop in your mind. You’ll get all of your answers but before we jump into the process of understanding how PUBG makes money, it is necessary to know that here, we will be emphasizing the free version of the PUBG and not the paid version.

How PUBG earns Money?

Over here, we’ll discuss the three main sources of earnings from which PUBG generates its revenue. Keep reading to know how pubg makes money!

1. In-app Purchases

PUBG offers a lot of in-app purchases that allow its users to buy crates, skins, emotes and other types of equipment. Like many other games, PUBG has added in-app purchases to increase its player base. 

How PUBG earns Money

It is indeed free to download and play and has around 30 Million daily active users which include both serious as well as the unoccupied players. Among these, gamers who purchase the Battle Royale Passcontribute directly to their earnings. 

2. Promotions

It is obvious that games with a lot of audiences get promotions and of course, PUBG is one of them. Let us understand this by an example, PUBG promoted the movie Mission Impossible Fallout by changing their wallpaper and music. PUBG also promoted oppo smartphones by adding the name ‘Oppo’ on the parachutes and by organizing a contest.  

3. Affiliate Marketing 

PUBG also affiliates online product links through in-game hoardings, pop-ups and many more. They directly earn percentages from the seller whenever someone buys any product from these links. PUBG also collaborates with different brands and promotes through in-game hoardings, in-game advertising, advertising on the player’s costumes and on other attachments. 


How much do PUBG owners earn?

A  revenue earning of $920 million was reported in 2018 by the makers of PUBG.

How much PUBG earns in a day?

As per a report by Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile’s total revenue is up to $30 million, $22 million of which was generated post-Royale Pass. It earns around  $220,000 per day.

How much PUBG earns per day in India?

PUBG Mobile game maker earns about 4.8 million dollars a day

Can I earn from PUBG?

Yes, you can earn money playing PUBG by participating in online tournaments with cash prizes.


I hope you have now got a clear idea on how pubg earns money. Also, if you are looking for ways to earn money by playing PUBG, then you should give it a shot as there are many strategies from which you can earn real money. 

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