HBO Max will be launched in May 2020; Will cost $14.99 a month

HBO Max, a subscription video-on-demand service from AT&T, will see the light of the day sometime during May 2020, the firm declared at a special event that was held for investors. It will cost $14.99 (approximately ₹1,000) a month. Reports suggest that an ad-supported range will launch in 2021.

HBO Max will be launched in May 2020; Will cost $14.99 a month

The existing 10 million HBO subscribers on AT&T HBO Now direct billing subscribers will get HBO Max for free. Moreover, consumers who subscribe to AT&T’s premium video, mobile, and broadband packages will receive plenty of launch offers, with HBO Max at no additional cost.

HBO Max will introduce tonnes of content as quickly as possible and as AT&T is investing heavily in HBO, the shows and films produced will be increased by 50%. There isn’t any list yet, as Disney+ showed a few days ago, but more information will be out when HBO Max’s official launch is close.

Reports suggest HBO Max will launch with an impressive number of titles for customers, including the exclusive Friends and The Big Bang Theory. New episodes of Sesame Street could also be streamed, provided those episodes will eventually make their way to PBS.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said, “This is very different from anything else that you’ve seen in the market so far. This is not Netflix. This is not Disney. This is HBO Max.”



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