Hathway’s 100Mbps broadband plan now available for ₹699

Hathway, India’s leading internet service provider has unveiled a new plan for its subscribers. Named as Hathway 100Mbps Broadband plan, the move seems to compete with Reliance Jio’s recently announced JioFiber services. At the Jio AGM, Reliance mentioned that it has a considerable stake in Hathway Broadband but Hathway Broadband is technically a separate business than Reliance Jio. This makes sense why Hathway wants to go toe-to-toe with JioFiber.

Hathway's 100Mbps broadband plan now available for ₹699

With over 430,000 broadband subscribers, JioFiber’s unmatched plans might impact Hathway’s business and in turn its subscribers. This is called the Jio effect. Many of you might remember that Reliance introduced the Jio in September 2016 which gave birth to never seen before mobile plans. It eventually forced other telecom operators like Airtel, Vodafone to make their schemes affordable. The same might happen if JioFiber skyrockets like its telecom cousin.

JioFiber has a slew of plans that potential users can choose from and a ₹700 plan is one of them. Hathway seems to be attacking this plan rather directly. Hathway will offer up to 100Mbps bandwidth to its subscribers and is available in a select few cities. The ISP is offering 1TB data as part of the FUP, or Fair Usage Policy. Once all of the data is used, users user will get a capped speed of 3Mbps.

In Chennai, Hathway’s 100 Mbps broadband plan costs ₹949 per month while providing a high-speed 300 Mbps plan with 2TB FUP for ₹9,999, for a period of six months. Hathway has a lot of offers, one of them is a ₹399 plan with 50Mbps bandwidth. In addition, the company has slashed the prices of some of its plans. The 150Mbps broadband plan will now cost ₹1499 per month. Other affected plans offer speed of 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and 200Mbps. The only caveat is that time; users will have to subscribe to the plan for a period of three months. These plans are also accompanied by the Hathway Playbox service.

It will be quite fascinating to observe the shift in broadband prices now that Jio has entered the ISP battle.


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