The Easiest Guide to Improve Website Traffic [Infographic]

47% of American users expect an average website to load in less than two seconds. 40% of the same American users leave a website if the load takes more than three seconds. This statistic proves the importance of the good website traffic. If you rely on the operation of the website (and even if you don’t rely much on it), you should take measures to make it fast and uninterrupted.

The Internet influences our personal life and business. It occupies leadership positions and allows us to make different purchases and use different services.

You can find plenty of information on the Internet but not every recommendation will lead you to success. Check out the infographic below as it contains systemized recommendations from real professionals that know how a good website should work.

Improve Website Traffic

Infographic is presented by Hosting Services Lab.

Importance of Outstanding Website Work

One-second delay or loading that lasts more than three seconds decrease the satisfaction of the clients by 16% and more. Do you want to lose visitors because of the low traffic of your website? Probably, you don’t.

Any website owner should understand that outstanding work of the website guarantees growth of traffic, popularity, and sales. For actual entrepreneurs, the growth of sales is the guaranteed revenue of the company. The revenue of the company opens opportunities for development. The last element of this chain is a success of the company. The way to success is long and complicated but it consists of tiny steps that are easier to make.

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Working Solutions Are Simple

There are many ways to improve the operation of the website. Of course, you can familiarize with professional and complicated IT literature or pay hundreds to the expert. But you can choose a simpler and less expensive way. You can try to improve the operation of the website almost for free and without professional help.

Luckily, there is a successful formula for the good work of the website. First of all, you should understand what components launch the work of the website. Then it’s important to check out whether all components work well. Uninterrupted “teamwork” of all elements guarantees a good work of the whole website.

After you analyze the work of your website, you will understand your weak and strong sides and fix the problems. Achieving the result may sound complicated but the result is worth the trouble. The clients will repay you with regular purchases and it will be easier to attract new visitors.

A good traffic of the website is crucial for your business. There are many ways to improve it but you need the most effective one. Keep in mind that quality web hosting can make a huge difference. Your visitors may have different goals and different expectations from the website but they won’t tolerate slow loading pages. A website that people use for business must work outstanding. Otherwise, their owners will gradually start losing clients.

Slow work of the website irritates visitors and makes them look for better options. The competition is high – every client matters. The client that would leave your website due to the slow traffic will promptly find a good alternative. The other website might have worse products and weaker services but clients will make orders there because they simply hate waiting.

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Is your website good enough for your clients? You will manage to answer this question only after checking the traffic. Be sure to do it and fix all possible issues.




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