A Guide on Creating Engaging Content for Instagram

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Standing out in social media is a tough game. With everyone wanting to be Insta-famous these days, it feels like you’re on a long line to score limited claims to fame. But that could all change if you know how to make your content interesting enough to gain thousands of followers.

Content creating is all about doing it snappy, stylish, and effective. There are so many people on Instagram to follow and even more, posts to like, but you want yours to be on top of everyone else’s. While it could be a slow rise to the top, it doesn’t hurt to know a few tricks on making follow-worthy content on your way there. Here are a couple of points worth considering.

Have A Solid Theme That Looks Attractive

You want your posts to be talked about; you want them to be shared. You want your followers to tag their friends when they see your posts. You want your content to reach followers from all over the world. Whether it’s fashion, travel, cooking, fitness, sustainability, pets, or whatever your niche is, keeping a theme (while making an effort to make photos look beautiful) will brand your account as someone to follow. An easy way to accomplish this is to find a filter you love and stick with it when editing your photos – the Instasize app makes this easy, offering users over 60 different premium filters to help match (or create) any themed aesthetic.

Research, Adjust And Nourish Your Creativity

Unless you’re already famous, followers won’t see any reason to follow your account if you post boring stuff. But if you seem knowledgeable and come across as an expert on the theme you choose, followers will view you as a good source of inspiration. Constantly feeding your brain with new ideas on how to create content (such as reading this blog post, so good job!), educates and makes you better at social media marketing each day. Visit accounts of your Insta-idols frequently and take note of their most liked posts, then think how you can make better versions for yourself. Keep track on trends, on popular hashtags, and learn how to adjust accordingly in terms of styling your posts.

Compose Interesting Captions And Share Experiences

Content creating is not all about choosing the best photos, but also writing good captions.  This is where you should put your best foot forward (or shall we say, best fingers forward) when uploading posts. Composing appealing captions make followers stay, and it makes them tag their friends so they can share your thoughts. It can be a fascinating quote from an author or a witty pun that relates to your photo. It can also be something you have gone through, and when people are able to relate to it, that’s when they form virtual relationships with you and get attached to your account.

Stay Active On Instagram Stories

There is a thing in marketing called “mere-exposure effect“ or “the rule of 7,” and it simply means repeating advertisements and promos several times until consumers take note and decide to act on them. You can use this content creating technique by posting several Instagram Stories in one day, which you can customize fully through the new Instasize app. The new version of Instasize takes content creating to the next level as it lets users put text with a wide array of fonts without having to use a desktop. Available for download on both Android and iOS, the new Instasize even lets users add filters and sound bites to stories so they become more compelling. Don’t forget the hashtags so your stories will appear to users with similar interests.

Take Stunning Original Photos

Don’t settle for pixelated images. When you upload photos and want more followers for it, you have to present dazzling images. Using a professional DSLR camera is usually the norm, but you can do so much with a good quality camera phone. Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Google smartphones have the best cameras, according to Tech Radar. If you don’t have the means to do this, using filters wisely can do the trick. The new Instasize app also has a cool range of vintage-effect filters and a premium account will let you access all of it.

Create Diversity: Make Short Engaging Videos

No one wants to follow someone who posts the same stuff all the time. Constantly changing up types of content will make your feed interesting, and this means including videos in the loop. Cisco conducted a research on Internet traffic generated in 2017, and 69% of it comes from engaging videos. Also, note that 75% of smartphone users watch videos on their phone. Posting fun and engaging videos can result in a hefty following, and it’s easy to make it share-worthy.

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Last updated: March 8, 2018

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A very wonderful tutorial Tracy,

Growing a successful instagram account, I believe is all about being original and consistent. It’s never gonna be easy, but once you keep on doing everything the right way, It’ll definitely pay off sooner or later.

You can’t become an influencial on the platform by posting crappy and poor quality pictures once awhile. You have to have a working schedule and stick to it.

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