Google+ Renamed as Currents But is Available Only for Enterprise Customers

Google+ Renamed as Currents But is Available Only for Enterprise Customers

Google commenced the shut down of Google+, its unsuccessful social media platform, on 2nd April and is now history (a chapter in the history of how a social media shouldn’t be!). Today, it has rechristened it to Currents, only accessible for enterprise users. Google said in a statement, “On Currents, employees can easily see discussions that are trending in their organization and follow topics of interest. Currents are available in beta today.”

Coming back to Currents, it is a beta app which has a new look and feel for better performance. Google has also assured users that their data will be transferred to Currents once enrolled for its beta. The new set of features include individual track analytics for posts and commenting-feedback-questions all in the same place. If leaders post something, it’ll be given top priority. There is also a Tags feature which will improve the way users search for things. Currents give enough focus to admins with these new features.

Recent News From Google:

A new entrant in the G Suite, Currents is not the first time we’ve heard it. Google’s magazine app was called Currents. Two years later it was renamed Play Magazine, today known as Google News – which combines both Play Magazine and Currents.


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