Google pays respect to its “lost” services, including Reader

Google Read, the RSS aggregator which was launched back in 2005 and axed in 2013, is finally getting acknowledgment posthumously. People still find it hard to survive without it. But Reader has its own grave where people can pay their respects.

A Google Employee, Dana Fried, posted a picture of a graveyard. The headstones were marked not just for Reader but also for other Google services which were cut loose recently. Those headstones include now-dead Google services such as Google Buzz, Picasa, Google Buzz, Orkut, Google+, and Google Wave.

Of course, the grave doesn’t contain all the services axed by Google. There were some services like iGoogle, the Nexus Q, etc. It’s easy to joke about the services killed by Google but many of these (except Reader) had better replacements in the making. Google Photos took over Picasa while Waves was integrated within Google Drive. But many appreciated cutting loose Google+ as many users mostly visited the platform by accident.


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