Google Pay Adds Biometric Authentication for Money Transfers

Google Pay is a popular digital wallet app that is preferred by millions. But the app seemed outdated when it came to authenticating the payments. It used an old-school PIN pattern to authenticate the transfer. That will soon change with version 2.100 as thanks to Android 10’s biometric API, Google is finally adding support for fingerprints and face authentication for money transfers.

 Google Pay adds biometric authentication for money transfers

Keep in mind that the function is available for Android 10 devices only. It is found in the ‘Sending money settings’ section of the app. Pixel 4 users can rely on Google’s facial unlock, which is not secure at the moment, but a future update should fix it. If you still want to use this feature, then go to the Settings menu and look for the ‘Sending money settings’ option and enable ‘Use biometrics instead.’

The update will gradually reach every Pixel phone but if you cannot wait, grab the APK file from APK Mirror. Hopefully, Google will roll out this update for non-Android 10 phones soon.


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