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Google Maps Widget PRO Review – Why it is the fastest Maps for WordPress ?

Google Maps Widget PRO Review

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google to find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions. Google Maps has given us an opportunity to see how beautiful our planet Earth looks from the above and how we can reach to certain places. In 2003 Lars and his brother Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen designed a C++ desktop program which was then acquired by Google in 2004.

We all use Google Maps in our day to day life because it helps us to reach wherever we want. There is a Satellite view which is now updated on a regular basis. There are total currently four modes of transportation are available in most of the countries such as driving, public transit, walking, and bicycling. With 360° panoramic views of streets, you can enjoy the virtual tours. Google Maps is an incredible innovation that has improved the world.

Google Maps APIs for Websites

Google Apps APIs allow you to embed Google Maps on your website. You can show your office address or home address easily without any hurdles. Playing with APIs can be very tricky but don’t worry there are plugins to help you.

Google Maps Widget PRO – The Fastest Maps for WordPress

Google Maps Widget PRO Review

Google Maps Widget is the best Plugin when you want to show your business or home address on your WordPress website. Google Maps has free as well as paid ( PRO ) version for WordPress users.

Google Maps Widget PRO is very fast, easy to install and setup. It won’t take hours to setup which is another great thing. You should choose Google Maps Widget PRO over other plugins because it has several extensions and also very easy to customize.

Google Maps Widget PRO is a powerful WordPress plugin with over 100,000 active users. The number is really big which proves that you can trust this plugin. One of the main reason why a plugin doesn’t get respect because it slows down the Website. But Google Maps Widget PRO takes care of your website speed and never let you compromise with your site’s speed.

90% of users rated the plugin with 5/5 stars

How many Maps you want to create ? 100 or 200 or more ? Google Maps Widget PRO allows you create as many Maps as you want. You can put unlimited pins on them and create custom pins for your Website. It is the fastest Maps Plugin with no limitations.

Google Maps Widget is one of the most popular map plugins in the official WordPress repository.

PRO version offers more than 50 extra features and options including multiple pins support, pins library, skins, export, import and widget cloning features, Google Analytics integration and premium, USA-based support.

What makes Google Maps Widget PRO the fastest Maps for WordPress ?

The speed of site depends on the server requests. More server requests result in slow loading speed. Google Maps Widget PRO takes only one request to load which makes it the fastest Maps for WordPress.

You can show Maps in posts, pages, custom post types, sidebars, menus & as widgets or shortcodes, anywhere you want on your website.

Google Maps Widget PRO – Features

Google Maps Widget PRO Review

Google Maps Widget PRO is updated regularly and continuously new features are added. GMW is power packed with advanced features and ultimate supports.

1.Thumbnail map color schemes

You can choose any color scheme from 13 predefined schemes in Thumbnail map options.  It will make your Maps look more attractive and colorful both at the same time.

Google Maps Widget PRO Review

  2. Lightbox skins

There are total 21 predefined skins in Interactive map options for customizing Lightbox Skins. All of them ( Skins ) have the option to show arbitrary text above and below the interactive map. Whereas some skins have a close button to show the map title.

Google Maps Widget PRO Review

3. Lightbox alternatives

Don’t you like lightboxes ? It’s okay if you don’t like. Google Maps Widget has something for you, What ? They have some alternatives.

You can replace thumbnails with interactive Maps. Interactive map settings can be adjusted, including the size. You can allow thumbnail to open the interactive map in a new window or in the same window. You can also completely disable the link and just use the thumbnail map.


Wait !!!

There are many more features that Google Maps Widget PRO offers.

The complete list of all PRO features.

  • multiple pins support – both thumbnail and interactive maps can contain an unlimited number of pins
  • custom pin bubbles/description – clicking a pin in the interactive maps opens a bubble with text, images or any other data you want to show
  • 12 thumbnail map skins – more coming with every update, preview current skins
  • 1500+ map pins – doesn’t matter what kind of map you’re creating, there’s a pin for everything, and they come in 2 sizes
  • 5 thumbnail map image formats for even faster loading – PNG 8bit, PNG 32bit, GIF, JPEG non-progressive JPEG
  • replace thumb with interactive map feature – great if you don’t like the lightbox concept, test it
  • extra hidden sidebar for easier shortcode handling – create widgets in this hidden sidebar to use them as shortcodes
  • custom map language option – availability in certain places depends on Google
  • 4 thumbnail map types; hybrid, road, satellite, & terrain
  • 4 interactive map modes – directions, view, street & street view
  • fully customizable pin options for thumbnail map – choose from a custom pin image, one of 1500 pins from the library or set a color for the default Google pin
  • Full control over pins on interactive map – set a custom pin image or choose from 1500 in our library
  • 6 options for thumbnail map links – disable link, open interactive map in lightbox, open custom URL in same or new tab, replace thumbnail map with interactive one, skip thumbnail map and immediately load interactive one – test options
  • fullscreen lightbox mode
  • extra lightbox features – close on overlay click, close with Esc key, show/hide close button, show/hide map title
  • 19 lightbox skins – new ones are coming with every update, preview current skins
  • full shortcode support – put maps anywhere on the site
  • clone widget feature – just to make your life easier when working with many maps
  • export & import widgets tools – for those worry-free site moves
  • Google Analytics integration – see exactly how people interact with your maps
  • Advanced cache & fastest loading times – load maps with 1 request instead of 70
  • JS & CSS optimization options – only those files that are needed are loaded, any only on pages where they’re needed
  • continuous updates & new features delivered straight into WP admin – no uploading files or messing around
  • premium USA based email support – our support is handled by in-house devs, not 3rd party support centers

If you have used the free version of this amazing plugin and you want to add extra features then you can buy the PRO version for just $39 dollars. Once you buy the plugin it’s all yours forever.

Google Maps Widget PRO will let you spread your business across the World. If you are planning to show your business or home address then consider it as your very first choice. You can totally customize this plugin accordingly to meet with your website’s requirements. I will rate this plugin 5/5 without any doubt.

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Google Maps Widget PRO Review


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