Get ready to pay $20 for the blue tick on Twitter

If not done within the deadline, employees will be fired.

Get ready to pay $20 for the blue tick on Twitter

Elon Musk now owns Twitter, and as his first injunction, he wants to introduce paid verification on Twitter under a deadline. If not, people will get fired.

The blue tick exists as a verification program to recognize genuine profiles of celebrities, political leaders, researchers, and journalists, so users don’t fall for the facts posted by phony accounts.

Platformer’s Casey Newton first noted that Twitter was contemplating charging for verification.

The Twitter Blue subscription was embarked on almost a year ago to view ad-free articles from some publishers and make other tweaks to the app, like a different color home screen icon.

Advertising is where Twitter gets the vast majority of its revenue, according to the few quarters that the firm reported. Musk is enthusiastic about growing subscriptions to become half of the company’s overall revenue.

According to a report from The Verge, the company is looking to introduce a new and more expensive version of Twitter Blue. The platform’s paid plan will cost $19.99 per month and give users a verified badge.

Presently, Twitter Blue costs $4.99 per month in the U.S and is available in other countries like Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

If the new verification process is okayed, it might be a free-for-all where any paid user can have a blue tick and pretend to be someone of eminence for a while and spread misinformation.

$20 is a lot of money to get a verified badge, and many people are unhappy about it. Investor Jason Calacanis took a poll with most people saying no to spending any amount for verification. Musk found this poll “interesting.”

Elon might not stick with this approach and could develop a different verification tactic altogether.

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