Flexibility and Stretching

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Flexibility and Stretching

Flexibility and Stretching

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Flexibility of each human being is different. But it is the most essential part in human not only for exercising but also for day-to-day activities. A woman’s body is more flexible than a man respective of her age. Flexibility will determine your range of motion for different parts of your body. Hence it is very much important for any individual to maintain its flexibility. It can never happen overtime for those who lack in it. Flexibility and Stretching

Too much flexibility is also not good as it will lead to loosen up the body and you will end up lifting weights inefficiently. And very stiff body will end up injuring you during a workout. The reason behind less flexibility can be the accumulation of adipose tissue i.e fat. This will obstruct your range of motion. However it can be improved by regularly practicing the stretches. Flexibility and Stretching

Before a workout dynamic stretches must be done or you can say a proper warm up must be done by doing mobility drills in which there is a continuous movement in order to activate the synovial fluid throughout the joints. This will help in smooth functioning of joints during exercises and hence will prevent injury.

After the workout an individual must do static passive stretches which shall be hold for at least 10 seconds creating a mild stress on that muscles of the body part. This will help to improve your flexibility and will also prevent from over soreness. Kindly note that you should not over stretch it and also do not stretch when you are in pain as it will end up contributing to more damage to that muscle and can also lead to ligament tear.

So now you know the key for lifting heavier weights efficiently. Do let me know about your queries in the comment box and also let me know on which topic you will like me to talk about.


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Flexibility and Stretching

Last updated: April 24, 2016

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Great article! What are the best excersizes for increasing your flexibility?

dhrumil soni

you can do the static passive streches and it depends on which body part you have trained and always strech the opposite way for example if you have trained biceps today, so the function of bicep muscle is elbow flexion hence you do the opposite that is extend your arm for 10 to 15 seconds

Helpful post! Thank you !

This kinda exersizes good for back pain.

dhrumil soni

thank you for appreciating my content, let me know which topic you want me to discuss on

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