Filmora9 Video Editor for Windows Review: Seamless Content Creation

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Entertainment is a word that is no more specific to the biggies. Common people have shown their talents through various mediums. Putting together a few clips might seem basic but it isn’t. Video editors play an important role and that’s what Filmora9 is about. Presenting to you the Filmora9 Video Editor that brings out your inner creativity. 

If you miss having around Windows Movie Maker, let Fimora9 fill that gap. This feature-packed video editor is equipped with everything you’ll ever need. Beginners will feel at home with the easy layout and clean user interface. Professionals would regard highly the smooth experience and flow of editing.

Who is Filmora9 for?

The software is built keeping in mind almost every type of content creator. Professionals in the advertisement world can create a short ad that helps promote their products or services. The editor is quite simple if you have to put together clips for educational purposes. Gamers will also enjoy Filmora9 since there’s a built-in screen recorder that records all the games and is ready on the proverbial edit table. Vloggers and YouTubers will be treated with special effects and tracks that will enchant their audience.

Filmora9 Video Editor for Windows Review

Product Features:

The basic features work quite well. Users can crop their video, trim the clips, and rotate them. Splitting the video is also possible but beginners will take some time to adapt the skill. Speed control comes handy when you have to control the speed, either reduce it or fasten it. Coming to Audio, users can detach them from the video, adjust the volume or add effects that enhance the overall video experience. Controlling the brightness is easy and doing so will add a flare to dull footage.

Filmora9 Video Editor for Windows Review

The advanced features add a professional touch to your videos. There’s a green screen overlay feature that gives the user freedom to add any background. The scene detect is a nifty feature that separates different scenes from a video so cutting them would be easy. Picture-in-picture mode lets the user add another video to an existing video. In the settings, the blending mode mixes them with ease as though they are a single video.

We all have shot videos that shook a lot which made them look improper. Add Stabilization to the video that not only elevates the video but also makes it watchable. The videos shot from camera require a bit of color tweaking so the Color Tuning feature in Filmora9 comes handy to boost the video’s color. There are some great presets that give the video a professional punch. This is good for beginners since manual tuning requires practice.

A video in 2020 without effects isn’t considered the whole package. Content creators indulge in just a few basic effects since they raise the bar. Be it a text, transitions, or overlays – Filmora9 is surely not short on either. Every video needs an introduction and texts play a huge part. Adding fancy yet subtle text effects ensures that the video comes across as professional.

Video filters are commonly used nowadays and the ones included in the software enhance the video quality. Transitions are a segue into the next scene but Filmora9 understands the fine line between too little and too much. Elements can be used in the title or to depict something strong and there are lots of them!

When it comes to music, there’s a built-in repository of songs that suit various emotions of the video. Users will be ecstatic to find genres such as electronic, folk, rock, and so on. Overlays add zest to videos that otherwise might look dull. There are plenty to choose from.

Device and Formats

Videos edited on Fimora9 can be optimized for devices such as Apple TV, iPhone & iPad, Samsung Galaxy devices, Xbox One, Sony TV, PS4, etc. Final drafts can be exported in FLV, MP4, MOV, M4V, etc. Users can directly share/upload videos on Vimeo and YouTube which means that you don’t have stress about the steps to export and videos on said platforms. The video could also be burned to a DVD with descriptions.

The website is full of tips and tricks that the maker happily provides to novice editors. Detailed features are explained with the help of screenshots and step-by-step guide that users can always go back to when facing issues in the middle of editing. The website is full of hyperlinks that direct the user to a particular issue.


Filmora9 is updated quite often, improving on the flaws of the previous version. Users can see what’s new in the latest version by visiting the website.

What separates it from other Video Editors?

Filmora9 is the jack of all trades that strives to offer a little bit of every feature but the video that it churns out appears no less than a professional video. The fact that a video can directly be uploaded to social media sites right after exporting them makes it the number one choice for content creators on the go.

Final Word

Filmora9 is an easy recommendation to video editors who are setting a foot in the realm of creativity or professionals looking to spice up their skills. The only con is that the editor does not have a free version; users can download a free trial. Those looking for a lifetime license will have to outlay $69.99. It’s a bit much for creators who are just starting. But those who won’t mind disbursing this kind of money, they can try it for a week and decide if it’s worthy or no. Although, I don’t see why one can’t spend on this fabulous video editor.

Filmora9 is a blend of curiousness and creativity that brings out the best skills of people while using it. It’s a feature-packed video editor that content creators should explore and beginners shouldn’t be apprehensive to try. It has a lot to offer to every type of creator who’s on a lookout for a software that meets their expectations.

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