5 Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth the Money

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Amazon Prime might seem like a costly affair, because it costs $99 a year, or at $10 per month. However, if you are a frequent buyer, who is looking for free shipping, and watching movies and TV shows online, then this is a great deal for you.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’d know that you can stream any videos or online TV shows whenever you want. This includes all the major TV shows, and the database is updated regularly. Some of the fan favorites like “The Wire” and “The Sopranos” are already added to Amazon Prime. Compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime costs a little less, as Netflix standard plan costs $9.99 per month or just under $120 annually compared to Amazon’s $99 per year.

Now, when it comes to movie streaming, Amazon Prime is restricted only to US users. So, if you are a US resident who is traveling, then life might be a bit tough. However, fret not, because you can always use a VPN for Amazon Prime. However, it is not recommended by Amazon. One of the advantages of VPN is that it not only hides your geographical IP and location, but also provides you with better streaming bandwidth, and allows you better security.

So now that you know how to safely access Amazon Prime, let’s have a look at the Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth the Money.

#1: Free Two Day Shipping

Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth the Money

Paying for shipping or waiting weeks for a package to arrive can be seriously frustrating. This is why one of Amazon Prime’s benefits is free two-day shipping for eligible items, which is available all through the US but not in Alaska or Hawaii. Amazon Prime also offers free same day delivery to people living in 29 metro areas. In order to avail this offer, users should buy goods worth more than $35 and place it by the cut – off time.

However, do remember, that there are exceptions to this rule. Larger packages or some special packages might need more time to ship or reach your desired destination.

#2: Amazon Prime Music

Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth the Money

Do you love music? Then you are going to love this feature of Amazon Prime. Be it any tune, you can always go ahead, use the Music of Amazon Prime, and stream it online. The catalog is constantly updated and you can access it from any device compatible with Amazon Prime.

#3: Kindle First

Well, this is another notable feature of Amazon Prime, which makes it a steal at $99 annually or $10 per month. With Kindle first, you get notified of any new books and you can read them free on your Kindle app. Additionally, a member can borrow a digital book for free each month, and although you are limited to only one checkout, you don’t need to return the book per se, because there is no return date.

#4: Prime Early Access

This might be a great deal for shopaholics and bargain shoppers. With Amazon Prime Early Access, you have a 30 – minute time period or early access to the Lightning Deals of Amazon and sale events hosted on MyHabit.com (another subsidiary of Amazon), which offers up to 60% off on designer labels for home and family items.

The Amazon Prime Early Access is a great option to do holiday shopping on a budget. However, there are chances of things being sold out even when you have an early access.

#5: Membership Sharing

Features That Make Amazon Prime Worth the Money

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Well, if you have subscribed to the yearly plan and need to share some of the features with your family member, then Amazon Prime membership is definitely helpful. With this feature, two adults and four children can share a Prime membership using the Amazon Household option. However, the two adults, who will share the accounts, will also share each other’s payment methods. So, if you trust your partner or friend, then only set it up.

The membership sharing option of Amazon Prime also allows Prime members some other features. The shared members would have access to Prime Early Access & Subscribe, Prime Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and the Save deals. This is why Amazon’s membership sharing option of Amazon Prime can be a great way to save for the Holidays or all throughout the year if you shop often and all your stuff from Amazon.

Other than the above-mentioned features, the Amazon Prime membership also comes with unlimited photo storage. What this means is that you can upload photos from your web browser or Amazon’s mobile app. The storage space, however, is restricted to 5 GB for non– photo files.

So, now that you know about these amazing benefits of Amazon Prime membership, it is time for you to grab your membership. Go for the annual membership option, and you can save $13, and get all these amazing benefits!

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