Facebook to introduce a Dislike button

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Facebook to introduce a Dislike button


F acebook.com was having a “like” button since years ago. Users had the easy way to put their opinion on others post. People were used to like the pic of their friends and colleagues. But there isn’t a button to press when your friends are sharing something that you don’t like and what makes you feel bad about it. What if you can easily say to the people that you don’t like their post or photos or anything.


Facebook is likely to introduce a Dislike button on the posts.But its not like the way you have seen on the YouTube and Reddit. On Reddit and YouTube the dislike button pull the posts down or you can say it just abstain the views of the posts. What it exactly do is it stop showing the posts to others if it has gained so many dislikes.

But as always Facebook is showing totally contrasting features day by day. Facebook’s dislike buttons are not going to follow the same rules which are mentioned above. Its not going to stop the flow of posts with dislikes. Its not going to remove the posts from the walls of others. Instead of that facebook is providing the better options for the friends or family to show affinity and sympathy to the posts which are like “Bad News”. Because if we gonna like that post it will not go with the appropriation, Sometimes every moment cannot be considered as a good moment.

Facebook to introduce a Dislike button

Last updated: March 19, 2016

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