Facebook Proxy – A Solution to All Facebook Restrictions


It has been said that Facebook is addictive. Employers know this all too well – many employees would gladly surf Facebook all day than work. This is why some institutions such as companies, businesses, and schools block social media sites such as Facebook.

However, you can still access Facebook even through blocked computers using Facebook proxy sites. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook proxies.

What is a Facebook Proxy?

A Facebook proxy is a proxy server used to bypass restricted firewall access. It works much like a search engine. The proxy site appears as any other website, but it has a search box that enables you to retrieve web pages. The proxy servers act on behalf of your computer so that instead of identifying your public IP address, the host server sees a different IP address – the secondary IP address can be located anywhere in the world. Consequently, this makes it possible to bypass any firewall restrictions.

Choosing and Using Facebook Proxies

There are lots of Facebook proxies available online. However, all Facebook proxies are essentially web proxies albeit some premium proxies are dedicated entirely to Facebook. They all work the same, however. Each proxy site has a search box where you enter the Facebook URL: www.facebook.com. The site the loads the Facebook login page where you can log in and browse Facebook at will. You can easily find free Facebook proxies by searching for one online.

The Facebook proxy site you use, however, can make all the difference. Remember, web proxy sites are essentially private servers. The people running these servers can easily access your private information including your passwords. As such, one needs to be smart in choosing the ideal proxy to use.

A private proxy is the best option as you will be the only one with access to the server. This means that only you can see your data, hence eliminating all security concerns. Additionally, you can customize and configure the proxy settings as you wish. However, private Facebook servers are not free – you have to either develop your own proxy, in which case you will need a Virtual Private Server and some technical skills or pay for one. A semi-dedicated proxy is also a viable option as long as it is hosted by a reputable service provider capable of securing your private data.

The type of Facebook proxy you use also determines your user experience. Public proxies are often slow owing to heavy traffic and the fact that they have to cache every page – some are not capable of loading Facebook owing to a restrictive script and cookie settings. Premium proxies, however, work just as well as unrestricted servers.

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Facebook is a great way to catch up with friends and get on top of developments. At times one cannot help but just take a peek at Facebook, and even when your boss won’t allow it you can always use a Facebook proxy server. Just remember to choose the ideal server for security and good user experience.


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