Facebook introduced sports stadium hub

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Facebook introduced sports stadium hub


A very new feature by Facebook. They are going to introduce the Facebook Sports Stadium, a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world. As we all know that the Facebook is the best social network for sharing and caring. This new launch was held on yesterday night. As there are millions of sports pages and groups on Facebook which had gathered the crazy sport fans since many years ago. The launch is specially for those crazy fans.

Now you can chat with others watching the same game. Facebook is the world’s largest sport stadium or you can say it with a new word Online stadium. Now you don’t have to download any score updates app or visit any sports news website. What you want is already in your smart-phone.

The best thing about this launch that there are many authors and reporters for posting the updates, comments, special pictures and many more. Now you can easily navigate to the Facebook sports stadium using your Facebook mobile app.

Facebook introduced sports stadium hub

With Facebook sports stadium you can also check all the other sports related stuffs on your Facebook. As the Facebook app is developing its features day-by-day, and now in sports, so that you can


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  • See the posts and updates from your friends directly in the feed and you can also share and comment on it.
  • Just add it to your favourites and never miss a single news.
  • Check the scores and updates live on your Facebook.
  • Check the show timings of the game.
  • Also can check on which TV channel the game will be cast.

It also has the discussion forum in which you can share your views regarding the game.

This way of linking the sports environment socially was very impressing and awful.

The nature of sports and Facebook is nearly very similar. Both helps gathering the people from each and every corners of the world and unite them at a time. This engaging power of Facebook will remain alive forever in the hearts of the Facebook users. Facebook is nothing without us, and We are nothing without Facebook.


Facebook introduced sports stadium hub

Last updated: May 6, 2016

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