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In the age where digital licenses are becoming more prevalent, the console generation is diminishing day by day. We are going to a future where daily innovation takes place, companies like Microsoft and Sony are leading us where your content is king, transferring between devices and scaling as appropriate. It is initially for shorter console cycle to take advantage of this amazing technology. It will reduce the gulf between current generation console and PC hardware for those who wants to spend cash.

So when Xbox came out in the open and let us know about its latest venture i.e. the new Xbox Scorpio with its 4K resolution. The boy was we excited!

Now Xbox here is taking the unusual step towards the gaming zone, as games on Scorpio will look better and nicer than ever before. They will make use of advanced anti-aliasing techniques, with high-quality lighting, shadows and resolution. In this, the scenery will look sharper, fast loading of textures, and density of foliage should be higher. Before we get into the jiggery-pokery of all that, let’s clear out the main question:

What is Project Scorpio?

Xbox Project Scorpio
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First, we had the rumors, and then the PS4 Pro was released, and in between, we had Microsoft’s disclosure and release of the Xbox One S. It is souped up 4K-lite version of Xbox One. Moreover, the next year with Project Scorpio, Microsoft is bringing another console.

With Project, Scorpio Microsoft has taken a step further in its gaming hardware in these recent years. Devices like Hololens, surface Studio, and Xbox ones have taken it to the next level. Learn how to fix 0xc00007b Error while PC Gaming.

Microsoft says that it is the most powerful console ever. The current Xbox One has a peak throughput of only 1.3 teraflops with a  200 GB/s of memory bandwidth, making Scorpio possibly over 4.5 times stronger than the Xbox One. Microsoft claims that Scorpio will rock six teraflops of computational power and 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth, Microsoft is uncompromising 4K UHD resolution gaming with Project Scorpio.

It will share an operating system with the Xbox One, leveraging all the same features, including Cortana, UWP, background music support, and beyond. Microsoft is working on the dashboard even further and may bring changes into the snap mode, the Guide menu, even the dashboard UX itself.

Project Scorpio will give a boost to high virtual reality experiences. Probably, the “high-fidelity” part of this statement alludes to bigger games more befitting of Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE,  seen on mobile devices.  Microsoft is also producing a VR play with Scorpio, noting that the next Xbox will power high-fidelity VR gaming. It has to be seen whether the company will provide its VR headset or just defer to third-party headsets.

How does the Xbox project Scorpio works?

Once the game is installed on the Xbox console, it detects what hardware is present there and finds the right visual features and assets. Makers will have to enable those experiences, and many of them might not see it as a worthwhile effort to make. Patrick Bach from DICE and Todd Howard of Bethesda and Fallout 4 fame and Battlefield fame both featured in the Scorpio trailer, showing that at the very least, Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1 will get 4K versions on Project Scorpio. All the official games will receive the Scorpio treatment; Halo Wars 2, expect Gears 4, Forza, and more to look beautiful on Scorpio.

This Project Scorpio probably be much faster for running apps, multi-tasking, and navigating the dashboard in general although I am not sure that purchasing an entire console to gain the bit of speed is worthwhile or not.

So is my Xbox One now useless?

No, not really. Project Scorpio is and isn’t the Xbox Two. Confusing, we know, but from the way Microsoft is expressing about Project Scorpio & its mid-generation refresh, Xbox Scorpio is an Xbox One with the updated version. Microsoft is also returning with the Xbox One Slim, everything from Xbox One, Xbox One Slim and Xbox Scorpio will be completely inter-compatible. It is not a new console launch, but more of a high-end option for those who want the best Xbox One experiences.

Price of Scorpio

Microsoft has always described this fantastic console as a “premium” product number of times. So this can be assumed that prices of this console will be high. As per estimation, the Xbox Scorpio will be priced at $399. Microsoft is probably b selling this console at a loss to make up from lost grounds of the Xbox One. Microsoft is trying to make Scorpio the standard for the game development.  We will probably find out the price of Project Scorpio during June 2017.

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Authored By: Manav Sharma


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