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“Duplicate Files Fixer Review”

Your device speed and performance starts diminishing due to a lot of unnecessary data on it. This unnecessary lot of data include a lot of temporary files, cache files, cookies, log files, junk files and duplicate files. Amongst whole this lot of unnecessary data, duplicate files share the largest part of it. These duplicate files accumulate on your device over time due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup etc. These unnecessary files not only occupy precious storage space but they also affect device speed and performance negatively. To improve your device performance and to deal with these unnecessary files you need to perform cleaning of your device.

You can perform manual cleaning of your device, which proves time and efforts consuming and doesn’t guarantee accurate results. Else you can use duplicate file remover tools for instant and accurate results. These advanced tools work on smart algorithms to find and delete all type of identical files on your device. It helps you recover a lot of valuable storage space instantly to improve device performance.

Duplicate Files Fixer: De-Duplicate Your Device Efficiently

Duplicate Files Fixer is one such impressive tool which helps you de-duplicate your device effectively. This state-of-the-art tool is designed to provide you instant and effective results. It offers some unique features to help you fix identical files related issues. Let’s take a review of this amazing product in this article.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Select Scan Type

App offers multiple scan options on the home page of it. You can select scan option from audio, videos, pictures, documents and full scan mode. In full scan mode, app scans whole your device including SD card on it (except Android 4.4 version) to find and delete similar files on it. Once you have selected the scan type, next is to press “Scan Now” button to initiate the scanning process.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Scan in Process

The scan process is designed to provide you instant and accurate results. Once you hit the “Scan Now” button it will instantly start scanning your device including remotest corners of it, to find and delete all identical files. It scans the given folder or complete device to find similar or exact looking files on it using advanced technology features. It may take a while to completely scan the device although scanning process is swift and seamless. You can stop scanning process if you want by pressing “Stop Scanning” button. The app will start a whole new scan process next time.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Scan Results

It furnishes scan results in the clean and easy process. Scan results are displayed in groups in an auto-mark format where all last files of the group remain marked to be deleted. You can select “Mark All except last” option to mark first files of the groups. Selecting “Unmark All” option, you can manually select the files for deletion. Once you have marked the files next is to delete all this identical data by pressing “Delete Now” button to recover some valuable storage space.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Apart from deleting data, you can opt for data backup as well. You can click on “Backup now” button to take backup of your files on cloud servers using “Right Backup” tool. Here you need to select files from each folder to take backup or you can select “Custom Selection” option to select specific files from internal storage or from SD card. You can access this data anywhere anytime from cloud servers.

Unmark Shortest File Location

This feature enables you to unmark those similar files which exist at the shortest file location on your device storage. Using this feature, it will mark and remove those similar files which exist at the longest file location. This is a useful feature to retrieve original files instantly as it removes the duplicate file from the group of similar files. This option is available on the menu (three vertical dots at the upper right corner) of scan results.


Ignore List

Using this useful feature, you can add any file to Ignore list to avoid its scanning and further deletion by the app. You can add or delete any file to Ignore List from internal storage or SD card. This feature is useful to retain your personal and important data untouched. It is useful to provide you improved results without disturbing your important files.

Scan filters

App offers many scan filters in the settings to refine your search for better results. You can select various scan filters like same name, same size, and same content. You can even add 0-byte files or hidden files and folders when you select documents or full scan mode. Alternatively, you can select “Default Settings” for scan results. Using these filters, you can save time to scan the device for duplicate files on it.


The app is compatible enough to perform tasks in numerous languages. It offers multiple language options to help users around the world. It offers all major language options. You can select the language of your choice and the app will translate all the features in your selected language. This feature is especially useful as you find all useful functions in your preferred language.


App offers two intuitive themes to cater different tastes of users. You can find Classic and Material theme with the user-friendly and easy interface. You can select any theme and the app will change all features in your selected theme instantly. Both the themes are designed to provide you enhanced user experience.


Duplicate files fixer is an amazing app to de-duplicate your Android device instantly providing accurate results. It works on advanced algorithms to offer you improved results. It scans and finds identical files even from the remotest corner of your device. Based on the results you can view files before deleting them or you can take backup as well. It offers a complete package to deal with all your identical files related worries. Knowing the immense benefits of this amazing tool, we highly recommend this tool to users around the world.

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