4 Proven Techniques To Drive Huge Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO

Are you a blogger who is writing on the blog from a long time but struggling to get traffic. Most of the newbie bloggers do this mistake, they just write on their blog and wait for the traffic. But only writing can’t drive traffic to your blog. You have to market your blog or content. Once people get to know that your blog exists then they will come and read your blog. Mainly you need to have good knowledge of SEO if you want to get traffic from search engine but if you don’t know much SEO and want a good amount of traffic then keep reading this article, I’m going to share such ways by which you can get traffic on your blog without doing much SEO. There is numerous way to Drive Huge Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO, you just have to follow them properly.

Easy Ways To Drive Huge Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO

4 Proven Techniques To Drive Huge Traffic On Your Blog Without SEO

1.  Drive Traffic From Quora

Are you on Quora or ever heard about it? It’s a question/answer site where people ask the question on any topic and if any people know the answer then they write answers there. So you can write answers about your niche and add your blog post link there so that if people like your answer then they can visit your blog too and hence you get traffic from Quora.

Easy 4 Steps To Get Traffic From Quora

  • Step 1: Register an account on Quora if you have not registered there yet.
  • Step 2: Complete your Profile by uploading your photo, writing your bio description and other info.
  • Step 3: Go to search bar and type about your niche.
  • Step 4: Select your niche topic and start answering questions on that specific topic.

Now a question may be rising in your mind that how you will get traffic on your blog by writing answers. After publishing the post on your blog, just answer on a similar topic on Quora and add your blog post URL at the end of your answer. You can write a brief description of the answer and add your blog URL link there so that people can visit your blog to get detailed answer. But write quality answers so people love to visit your blog.

Note: Don’t spam with blog URL otherwise your account may get banned.

2. Organize Interviews

You can a good amount of traffic if you organise an interview of successful persons in your niche. People are always interested to read such success stories so that they can get motivated. You can approach any expert or successful person by social media and ask them to give an interview on your blog. Most probably you will get a positive response from them. After publishing interview on your blog, request to those persons to share your blog post on their social network profile. Hence you can get a good amount on traffic because most probably such persons have good followers on social media and they defiantly will love to read the success story of those people.

3. Blog Commenting (Wisely)

Blog commenting is a good method to build backlink and relationships with other fellow bloggers in a relevant niche. But you can also drive a good amount of traffic by commenting on another blog post in your niche.

All you have to do is that you need to find high authority blogs in your niche. Subscribe those blogs so that you can get a notification whenever a new post is published on those blogs. As soon any article is published, read the article and drop a thoughtful comment there. While commenting you can add your relevant blog post link in website section so that if anyone like your comment and clicks on your site then you help them to land to another related page. Meanwhile, you got traffic by doing so. There are higher chances that people will spend longer time on your blog and become your regular visitor of your blog if you provide value to the readers.

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4. Social Media

Nowadays social media is a big factor for driving huge traffic to blog. Actually, social media is the new SEO. There is various social media platform from where you can drive traffic to your blog. But mainly Facebook and Twitter are the best social media sites for driving traffic. However, Pinterest is also a great medium to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

To drive traffic through social media you just need a profile on the social media which you want to use for driving traffic. Suppose if you are using Facebook for driving traffic on your blog then you can make one Facebook fan page of your blog brand and share your blog post there. Multiple shares can drive traffic to your blog easily.

Many bloggers do the common mistake that they don’t engage with their audience. So try your best to engage with your audience. Make sure you reply to every comment or query which people ask on your post. By doing so people will interact with you and this makes your authority on that particular topic.

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You can also use Twitter to drive traffic to the blog.  As we know that each tweet has a limit of 120 words so it’s not possible to elaborate your whole post in one tweet. You can add your post link in the tweet so that followers can click on your blog post link and read the full post. Hence you can get traffic from twitter. As I described above how you can build authority on Facebook and engage with your audience. Same method you can use on twitter and get followers and build authority there. As much authority and followers, you have as you can drive traffic to your blog.

Try to keep same profile image across the all social media networks, this will help you to create a brand identity in the minds of people.

Wrapping It Up

So these all are the proven and working methods to drive traffic to any blog without knowledge of SEO.  By following these methods you don’t have to be an SEO expert to drive traffic to the blog.  There are many other ways too to drive traffic to the blog, you just need to explore new strategies and implement them in right way.

But keep in mind that it is always recommended that you have knowledge of On page SEO if you want organic traffic from the search engines.

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