Disney reveals all the movies coming to Disney+ in a long Twitter thread

American entertainment conglomerate Disney is all set to launch its Disney+ streaming service next month, which will compete with Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The firm revealed all the movies that will be available on its streaming service in a huge Twitter thread.

Disney reveals all the movies coming to Disney+ in a long Twitter thread

The thread in question boasts incredible titles that Disney owns. Some of the popular ones include Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel titles, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. Although the list is lengthy, some well-known titles, like Avengers, Song of the South are missing. Maybe Disney will keep on adding titles over the year.

And if you think the tweets were enough to convey their excitement, Disney also uploaded a video on YouTube, clocking in at 3 hours that shows everything coming to its streaming service. Have a look:

The service will debut in the US starting November 12. When Disney+ will finally be made available to Indian users is still a question mark, those with Hotstar’s Premium/VIP members can view the content without a different subscription fee.


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